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Trump: The Second Year



In completely unrelated news, US Treasury removed Oleg Deripaska’s (Manafort’s former employer and financer) Rusal from the sanctions list. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. America First!


Russia didn’t interfere in the election, all Clinton’s votes were by illegals, and Trump had more people at his inauguration than Obama, Regan, and both bushes combined.


You may be on to something here that could go on forever. Top lies told by trump.
Middle class tax cut of 10% coming soon.
Mexico will pay for the wall.
He would have won the popular vote if it were not for voter fraud.
I have no dealings in Russia.
I could probably state all 6k but I’ll let others have a chance.


And this is why capitalism reins supreme.



I’m loving how St. Mattis is now a “globalist” and a “liberal” per the Facebook experts. Smh…


Power to the people.


As stupid as a bump stock ban is, it seems far more constitutional than plenty of weapons laws. It doesn’t infringe on your right to own any arm whatsoever. Other laws have greatly infringed upon that right, and are widely accepted as legitimate.

“But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain - that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it.”


I think the point was that Obama infringed less on gun rights than Trump.


Which is not true, regardless of how stupid banning a stock is.

Edit: and that was with a Congress opposing him(Obama).


What gun legislation did Obama enact that makes it untrue?


Here’s a quick one:

Feel free to look for more.

Banning bump stocks also does not infringe on “gun rights” in any way. It’s beyond stupid to ban them. It violates people’s natural rights to possess property. But it does not infringe on “gun rights.”


I did

That being said, im aware many conservatives consider repealing a law to take an extra look at people with mental health conditions is a big win. It seems hilariously small

This is beyond silly. Banning of bump stocks is a restriction placed exclusively on arms. Makes perfect sense to think it’s a useless populist measure, but not that is doesn’t infringe in any way


Y’all take stuff to literally. It’s just a dumb meme…


I’m still the most disturbed by the cheeto and the lips part of that meme. Legit made me cringe.

Didn’t the Obama ATF re-allow bump stocks during his tenure? I never understood that rule considering it makes a gun function exactly like a NFA full-auto tax stamped weapon.

In the meantime the rule was changed to where you were allowed to install a short stock on your AR-styled “pistol” and that was legal. But the moment you shouldered that bad boy without an NFA tax stamp you had just “created” a SBR (committing a federal felony in the process). Glad they changed that one… talk about stupid.


It places bump stocks(an accessory) into an already-banned(that ban certainly seems unconstitutional, but that has not mattered) group of arms. Bump stocks are not arms.


Neither are high capacity magazines. We had them, then we didn’t, and now we do again.


So are you of the opinion that banning/limiting any and all ‘accessories’ isn’t a conflict with 2A?

I’m perfectly happy with that, fwiw, it’s just a rare opinion of 2A people.


I don’t believe the Federal Government has the legitimate authority to regulate arms in any way.


That wasn’t the question