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Trump: The Second Year


So, to recap - a group of conservative and libertarian legal eagles form a group inside of FedSoc critical of Trump and his impact on the rule of law, an interesting and noteworthy event, and the NYT reports on it factually and accurately - to which I note shows conservatism has a pulse, when it was previously thought dead by suffocation of inchoate “own the libs” dipshittery…

…and you dissolve into blind “attack the messenger” on the liberal NYT because…well, no particular reason, since the article contained no bias, but you just don’t have any ability to deviate from your programming to believe if the NYT writes it, it has to be bad, no matter what it is saying, so I dismiss it.

Oh well, opportunity missed. Maybe stick to 4chan. We read the articles here.

Oh, and a liberal newspaper being complicit in the death of 100 million people? Hilarious. In what part of your programming did you pick up that idiotic nugget?


Um…well…technically that part is correct, except in was close to 10 million people not 100 million. In many countries of Eastern Europe NYT reporters are still to this day occasionally being shouted upon and threatened with physical violence.


Walter Duranty, the NYT bureau chief in Moscow was sending out fake articles on Stalin’s behalf denying the man-made (communist-made) famine in Ukraine and other parts of the USSR and these were duly published in the paper, contradicting reports from other reporters on the ground, notably Manchester Guardian’s Gareth Jones who was later killed by Stalin’s NKVD (Jones’ article below).


As the NYT had a bigger international standing that both the Guardian, Evening Standard and other papers, these propaganda articles ordered by Stalin and peddled by NYT were crucial in confusing and stifling any coordinated international response to the year long extermination of millions.

NYT would continue to publish Stalin apologia, including the justifications for the 1937 purges and the show trials for years to come.


Yes, it was uncritical and shameful coverage - and the NYT bears blame for Duranty’s work. Complicit in the deaths of the victims? That’s just propaganda of its own stripe.


Yes, everyone is bias but that’s not the problem. The problem is not admitting they have a bias but report with a giant one. Looking at you Don Lemon and Sean Hannity. People think CNN and Fox News don’t have agendas and are just reporting news, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

You bigly underrate how powerful the media is…


You think that’s crazy town? Read up on the Venona cables (decoded KGB transmissions). There really were Soviet agents working at the US state department up to and including Alger Hiss.

These were the same people who decided whether the US would support Chiang Kai Sheck or Mao Zedong. McCarthy and the House unamerican activities commission weren’t wrong.

Point being, without the cover provided by the media Mao never would’ve gotten the support from the West that allowed him to take over China. It wasn’t just the times, there were a bunch of western journalists who were pro communist. Before and after 1949. They portrayed Mao as a scrappy freedom fighter and Stalin as a great industrial reformer.

The Eulogy for Mao printed in the times:



So I’m still pretty bad. Damn.


Referring to the western journalists who gave cover for Mao and Castro as anti communist/liberal freedom fighters (rittenberg, smedly, lawrence, strong etc…). The great leap forward is estimated between 75M and 120M deaths. So I split the difference.

Without western support Mao loses. Without public opinion shaped by those journalists, western support doesn’t happen.


We already disagreed in this. If I report on a CPA conference and cover the 5 people decenting, and not the position of the organization itself am I telling the entire story, or just the part that supports my position.

Not trying to antagonize you, but we’ve reached an impasse.


Where are these 5 Never Trumpers when the Dems are crashing our society with election thievery, calls for presumption of guilt without trial, and legislation by judiciary interpretation?

Edit - since they are “Conservative”.


Not supporting the democrats either…


Well if you don’t support Trump, you basically support the Democrats


So I’ve been told, repeatedly.


Why are you in the tank for Hillary?

You know where the emails are, don’t you? ADMIT IT


Good stuff.


“Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, who attended the event, and Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., who did not, released a joint statement praising Trump’s position following his remarks.”

Hell just got a little colder. While they’re at it can they just legalize MJ already? Or release and pardon the millions of non violent drug offenders in prison. Leave the cages for people that actually hurt others.

Not sure about retroactive laws… even if they’re good things.


This is a good start. Teamwork makes the dream work.


Wrong party in power for that. They’re still spending millions trying to shut MJ bills down. They just spent over a year failing to do so with Michigan.

I’ll see if I can dig up some of the ads later. They were adorable


Read above, my good sir.


Remember Trump is a political chameleon. Establishment Republicans be damned. If he thinks MJ reform and prison reform are super popular with voters and gives him something to run on in 2020, then he’ll do it. Might be part of the reason Sessions is gone. He hated the devil weed.

Plus Kanye/Kim told him to do those things to increase popularity with the AA community.

I’d like to see sentencing reform to the affect of community service for almost every non violent crime. Putting people in a box with a bunch of worse felons does not make for rehabilitated humans.


Oh I know. I just don’t think Trump will make a difference here. Legalizing MJ as it’s happening now is going state by state. That’s a totally different beast compared to what Trump does.

I would be overjoyed at a federal legalization. But I’m also jaded af when it comes to the GOP and the ‘war on drugs.’