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Trump: The Second Year


A pulse huh? I was pretty sure conservatism was officially dead when “conservatives” decided to elect Donald Trump.

And so close to when RINO was the phrase of the conservative base.


I’m not. He’s spent more time criticizing how attractive people are on Twitter than birthright citizenship.

I just think it’s cute that he thinks he can EO it away.


I wish that was all any of our elected rulers did.


Can’t tell whether you didn’t catch my sarcasm, I’m not catching yours, or other.


Uh, you didn’t say that - you questioned it because of the NYT’s “take” - as in, biased and therefore flawed observation. Not on the merits.

The NYT didn’t do any biased reporting here.


Did they cover any quotes from the vanilla federalist society, or just the splinter group that fit the NYT narrative?


I know it’s crazy, but wouldn’t it be nuts if he was throwing up these challenges to the amendments to get a more current Supreme Court ruling on them, like reinforcement of them as a buffer to the argument that it’s a living document and should reflect contemporary values?

I know that isn’t the case, but I think it would be a neat conservative strategy.


Why do they need the “vanilla federalist society’s” quotes? There are no facts in dispute. The splinter group formed and it is populated by some noteworthy legal scholars/ commentators. That’s newsworthy. That’s the news to be reported.

What’s the “vanilla” FedSoc folks gonna say to round out the piece - “uh, yep, they did indeed form this splinter group, you have accurate information from the original source”…?


Any quote from the actual organization would have provided balance. Or the count of the hundreds/thousands of people there who were on board vs the 5 dissenters. The event was the annual meeting, which they didn’t cover at all. They covered their slant and went home. It’s okay @thunderbolt23 , all media is biased. Pretending like it isn’t is naive.


While it’d be interesting, I think a leader claiming he has unilateral power he doesn’t to play a grand game of chicken definitely isn’t ‘conservative.’

Or hell, maybe it is. What do I know about what conservative means anymore


On what? The article was that they formed.

This particular article isn’t biased. You just can’t break away from your programming long enough to see the New York Times and not immediately take issue with the content.

If I posted the exact same article with the exact same verbiage from The Libertopia Gazette you wouldn’t have cared.


Please. You posted about the return of conservatism and it’s 5 guys at a conference. The NYT didn’t speak to anyone else at the conference. Real unbiased.


What could be more conservative than starting a battle with a branch of government so that they fight back and define their duties according to the constitution?

He might be the only person in history that could get an entire branch of government to stand up for itself and admit that something might be their job and not someone else’s!


I posted conservatism had a pulse, which is my opinion, and one piece of evidence is this group forming and speaking out. And these five guys at a conference happened to be several noteworthy legal scholars and commentators who carry influence in legal circles. It’s a pulse, but two things would have to occur for you to appreciate that, number one you would have to read the article and number two, you’d have to know what the hell they were talking about.

As I’ve already noted there’s no reason to get quotes from other people at the conference. The purpose of the article was to merely note that the group had formed, not to debate whether they were right or wrong or who had the best ideas.

You see disqualifying bias where you want, not where it is. You see “New York Times” and your Pavlovian training makes you reflexively bark at it. Not my problem to fix.


Yeah lying about the Siberian genocide, lying about Castro and Mao to help them gain power. Culpability in the deaths of nearly 100M people… just my partisan rancor. I should really be more fair to the NYT.

I’m out.


Your Zeb is showing again

Or at the very least read the article THEN shit on it :stuck_out_tongue:


We merely faked our demise in order get the necessary time and room to stage one of the greatest come back stories ever. Trump serves to hold everyone’s attention while we regroup and grow out of sight!

Can’t read the article😕


Too far. I may disagree with BG plenty but he is 10,000 times better than Zeb and his alter egos. Some of whom may be still posting in PWI who knows!


All people are biased. If we shut down every attempt at conversation with you’re biased (which is true for all of us) we’d just need to shut PWI down.


Lol dw, I’m referring to giving the media some godlike status.

I like BG, Zeb was just boring.