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Trump: The Second Year


The Dems don’t have anyone that can beat Trump so they might as well let her lose again and save up and comers for 2024.


I don’t disagree with this, and have stated so many times.

In terms of the point of it?
Appeal to suburban women and more moderates?

I have no idea. I’m not a Conservative or Liberal strategist.




Damn, the pessimism here wrt Trump being re-elected is palpable.

I sincerely hope that unicorns exist, and that it is darkest before dawn.

edit to add: same for Hilary being the Dem nominee again!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!


You won’t see it from me lol. I can’t imagine a scenario where it makes sense to introduce anyone onto the national stage to oppose Trump right now.


I’m neither pessimistic nor optimistic.

When something is almost inevitable…I personally just roll with it.


Wow, bringing over grudges from the old country to the White House and influencing US national security…

Born Mira P. Radielovic, she is of Croatian descent. Mira grew up in Pasadena, California and at home spoke the Croatian language.

Willing to put 200 bucks that sharp words in a language other than English were exchanged and the FLOTUS decided to throw a hissy fit.

If there’s something that can make a Slovenian woman lose her shit it’s a Croatian woman publicly claiming to know something better than her…



Meanwhile, if Trump were not the President, he would’ve moved on to the next younger, hotter wife a loooong time ago.




Melania must have mistaken her position for a real job.


Clinton running again is just noise. She wasn’t popular with a lot of Dems the first time around. She has no chance of securing the nomination again. I’ve read the articles and all that but I’d bet huge against that happening.


White women, maybe. But, she’s pro-life so she’s automatically not a moderate.


That depends on the lens through which one views the Political Spectrum.


Behold, conservatism has a pulse:


The NY Times take on conservative views… Just hard for me to give them a fair shake with their normal bandwidth of views.


Did you read it? It wasn’t the NYT’s take on it - they reported on this group and their mission, with quotes from the conservative/libertarian lawyers themselves.


It’s pretty hard to give anything a fair shake if you don’t read it first. He did kinda say it


Did read it. Breakaway faction of the federalist society doesn’t like mean words to the press, mean words to the DOJ and executive orders. Can’t say I disagree with them, where were they with Bush 1 and 2?


I, personally, am outraged that Trump has criticized birthright citizenship. It’s right there in the constitutional Amendment meant to extend citizenship to freed slaves. I am also 100% on board with all Federal firearms laws, because the constitutional Amendment dealing with firearms clearly gives the Federal Government the authority to regulate firearms. Or something.


There is some actual legitimate legal thought that “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” in the 14th amendment was written on purpose to exclude the children of diplomats and foreign citizens merely visiting the US. I believe there are quotes from the guy that wrote and advocated for the 14th that it wasn’t meant to cover foreign citizens visiting US soil.

Trump is definitely not the messenger for that nuanced take.