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Trump: The Second Year



@thunderbolt23…Merkel isn’t exactly giving Putin a look that would warm the Heart!

She looks like she is poking Macon in the back and whispering “ Arschloch…!

(P.S. I’m not that smart…had to look it up…that’s “asshole” in German…!)


Don’t think Nick Fury like the President a whole lot.


Yeah even my family didn’t take the whole ‘got rained out on veterans day’ thing very well.

It got so much worse when all the Obama in the rain memes started hitting


I’m not sure what people expect from Mr. Bone Spurs…


Per Le Monde newspaper, Trump met with Presidents of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and started berating them for the wars in former Yugoslavia. Allegedly it took the startled Baltic Presidents several moments to realize he had mixed up the Balkans and the Baltics.

After realizing who they actually were, he started berating them for being “hostile” to Putin.

On a side note, tiny Baltic states have formidable intelligence agencies staffed with fluent Russian speakers which are instrumental in tracking down Chechens and other Russian speaking jihadists and information provided by them has prevented numerous terror plots in US and Europe.


You have to view that picture through the eyes of an “Archer” fan.

Gives it entirely new meaning.




So…Hillary Clinton is thinking about running in 2020?

Oh, boy…

Hillary Clinton is as blind as Trump in thinking that her issues are because of other people or circumstances.

Hillary Clinton lost because of who she was and what she represented…and Trump’s myriad of problems are almost 100% Self-Imposed.

While I think that neither of them will do it; both need to look in the mirror and do some soul searching.


These are lifelong lechers we’re talking about here @mufasa. You have to have a soul first.


Thoughts on Nikki Haley again…

She is a shrewd politician and is currently laying low…and she made her position at the United Nations tough…but relativily non-controversial. (I would imagine that Trump wanted her to use much “tougher” and more vitriolic language).

I don’t see her running against Trump…but maybe later? Who knows.

Politics is crazy and a lot can change…but I could see her running for President.


As they would say in Louisiana:

True Dat…


Interesting development today that has happened since I wrote the post above about Nikki Haley.

More and more Conservatives are calling for Trump to dump Pence in 2020, and put Haley on the ticket.

(Any argument about Trump Loyalty should be buried at this point. There was no one more loyal to Trump than Jeff Sessions both during his campaign and as AG).


John Kelly and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen are reported to soon be leaving/fired.


Not sure if Trump can afford to burn his Evangelical vote to the ground. Especially considering he can’t afford to lose by more than he did last time


Serious question:

Who exactly does Trump want to surround himself with?


Yes men and blind allegiance


Sessions was that…so I still don’t get it.


He wins either way. I’m not really sure why the Haley talk is happening? And where? I’m not hearing any grumblings around my my parts. Besides, what’s the point of it?


Hilary may actually be the smart play. I don’t suspect the base wants her, unless they really want to replay 2016.


Hells no he wasn’t. He recused himself from the Russia investigation.

He put the gravity of his role above loyalty to Trump regardless of the reality. That’s a big strike against him