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Trump: The Second Year


Ideally, experience would be valuable in a functional government.

As far as speeches and cushy jobs as thinly disguised bribes, regulations can cost billions, contracts can be worth billions. It probably should be illegal to, say, go to work for an industry you used to regulate or vice versa, but this is business as usual now, so, probably not a mark against term limits.


Nothing surprising here, but a good timeline of all the events related to Trump paying hush money. I see a democratic house wanting to pursue campaign finance violations.

Unrelated, I’m curious what Mueller has been keeping quiet about due to elections.



Pence 2020!


We can only hope. Chelsea Clinton could run tomorrow on accident and obliterate Pence.


Trump isn’t going anywhere.


So I’m middle class and I’m trying to figure out when I will save on the 10% tax cut Trump passed before the midterms while Congress was not in session. With the midterms over will I see it this coming check (Nov 15) or Dec 1?


He should have been hung, drawn and quartered for Les Miserables lol.


I’m sure no one will care but…


Evangelical hero Donald Trump


I was blissfully unaware of that aptly named performance until you darkened my existence with that video clip of One Note Crowe.


Absolutely outstanding.


Thank you for that, @Legalsteel

It shows class that lately our Politics is in short supply of.


Great move. Still, wish SNL was actually funny.


Absolutely no offense meant here, but most of us probably wouldn’t like SNL if it was your type of funny :stuck_out_tongue:


Rofl, hey!

Why did the scarecrow win an award?


Minor thing to mention, but it is Remembrance Day in the British Commonwealth and Trump visiting over in France couldn’t make it to an American war dead cemetery. It is true his helicopter was grounded, but why not try a land route?

Does anyone think he is being cheap with this?


Isn’t he the first POTUS in a while not to have visited US troops deployed abroad? He spent Veterans Day watching TV in a hotel room in Paris.

Also from Paris - that feeling when you’re among a bunch of people you can’t stand and see your best friend approaching…


Off topic here, but I didn’t want to throw this one over in Tactical. Does anyone think I should start a new training journal over in O35? I would direct message a couple of people, but that doesn’t exist anymore.

Something as to how I am dealing with my past arm tendonitis. I train, but have repeat issues with it.



Golden, @loppar…simply GOLDEN!



Absolutely brilliant, @loppar.

Related - in 2020, I’ll vote for anyone regardless of party or background who promises to look at Putin like Macron is in this photo.


Saw this over the week, good on them.