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Trump: The Second Year


I heard an interesting point from a podcast, bringing back earmarks and porkbarreling may improve legislative function.

Right now they have 0 impetus to do jack shit, but if they can pork barrel, maybe the Congress becomes an actual legislative body again.



And with good reason, IMO. Gillum would be, sans crime, a clear top choice IMO.


Also, can we all take a moment to enjoy that the GOP got Big Boss elected?



If it were me, I’d avoid endorsing anyone altogether til after the primaries. You recover some lost Goodwill from the hacking debacle while also taking the wind out of Trump’s anti establishment (lol) sail


I hope they have a huge number wanting to run, so they can opposition research each one’s every wart and wrinkle


He’s way more badass than Russel Crowe.


Russel Crowe was awesome in Gladiator.

But he totally strikes me as the bullying type who would’ve gotten his ass kicked a looong time ago if he wasn’t a “famous” actor. Not badass in the least IMO.


Oh I know, I just grabbed the first pic. He’s a legit big boss.



Love that movie. It’s in my top 20.


Goddamn, I’ll say this for you Yanks. You’d never get a side profile this badass in the UK.

Make him POTUS please.


Threatening to kill a then 77 year old man who survived both Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen.



Not surprised in the least. Fortunately, I was able to appreciate the movie before realizing what a prick Crowe was.


Ya, South Park does a whole skit on him fighting random people.


It pains me to admit, but after reading about him, l’m going to go with him being the Trump of the acting world :neutral_face:


I strongly suspected that a great deal of the thought behind Obama was that he was relatively “clean” in that he had not had much of a career in politics and was somewhat sheltered professionally.

With as hard as the PC sword is cutting these days they’re going to be hard pressed to find anybody that doesn’t have at least 3 gold medals in the victim olympics to be palatable to the general constituency.


Did he inherit his acting skills?


Anyone else feel like Russel Crowe is just the light beer equivalent of Gerard Butler?


Most of us won’t be actual grownups until we are 65.


There is something to be said for seniority, I would say 12 years (6 terms) in the house and 18 or 24 in the Senate (3 or 4). You need people who know how to get things done.

My concern with term limits is that they would have more motivation to line up a lucrative position for a post congress career. Sort of like the Clintons with their $500,000 speeches. Like a cushy Vice President’s job with a seven figure salary at a major corporation in exchange for a critical vote.


What part of our senior officials lead you to believe that’s necessary?

Can you pull 500k a speech with a maximum of 4 terms house 2 terms senate?

What corp could afford to give a 7 figure VP job in exchange for a single vote? It could always just be undone when they leave office. And it’s probably treason on the side of the pol.