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Trump: The Second Year


I love “what a real hero looks like”. She sits on a bench and interprets a 230 year old document…


In fairness, who better than someone who appears to have been alive at the time?


Here’s one thing that I can’t process. What are the chances that RBG almost dies the moment the Reps keep the Senate? Truth is stranger than fiction. She’s not out of the woods at 85. If she doesn’t take deep breaths she’s susceptible to pneumonia.

Edit: just figured it out. She’ll miss the welcoming ceremony for Kavanaugh that Trump is attending. She’d rather throw herself down the stairs then be in the same room with Trump lol.


Did you guys know that there is a Movie about RBG coming out?

Looks good.

Love her or hate her…she did make people face the absolutely horrendous place women were (and are?) in our society, And she based her arguments on the Constitution.

85 years old and fractured ribs…this does NOT look good…

Trump gets in at least one more SCOTUS pic…probably more…


Hold on. She broke 2 ribs in 2012 and recovered. She beat some kind of cancer scare. She’s a tough old bird.

She’s also hired staff through 2020 so she doesn’t plan to retire.


You’re right. He could never be the heel.


Indelible in the hippocampus is my laughter.


Oh wow. That reference!


Tough indeed, @Basement_Gainz.

( Lolz about Kavanaugh tripping her…!)




Most of you guys probably could give a rats’ ass…

But I didn’t know that Nancy Pelosi is almost 80…


We need an age cap from service.


And term limits on all elected positions


4 Terms for the House (8 years)
2 Terms for the Senate (12 years)
Mandatory retirement at 65.


I’m digging it. For both sides talking all the time about term limits it sure never seems to get much traction. It would seem as if the idea should have a lot of appeal to both sides.


Good luck getting people to vote for their own pay cap though.

Imo America should have some form of ‘get this onto the ballot and let the people decide’ when it comes to things like term limits, elected official salary, etc


Here you go young uns


As @pfury has mentioned dozens of times the dems won’t put forward a guy or gal yet for president. But it turns out dem strategists are finding that none of the old options are popular enough with Democratic voters. 30% selected “none of the above”.


I think both sides should support a convention of states. If the constitution needs an update, get it done in the way that ignores the Congress.


Beto. They are already daydreaming about a Beto run.