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Trump: The Second Year


No surprises here. Surrounded by the best people, except for all those ones that aren’t good and/or leave.



Who’s ready to see the Mueller investigation mysteriously shut down before Trump runs for reelection.

Wonder how this will fare with the Dem house


Side note. My uncle has already posted about how happy is that traitor is out of the white house. I feel kinda bad for Sessions. One of the few members of Trump’s admin that seemed to have genuine respect for the gravity of his job.

Bet this isn’t how he thought his career would go out



I find it so weird how easy it is for people to switch their opinions on things just because it lines up with Trump’s whims. Sessions was a big proponent of Trump early on and a lot of people liked his pick as AG. The Trump test of Trump likes you = you’re amazing vs. Trump doesn’t like you = loser/traitor is so weird to me.


It’s because anything less than full unquestionable allegiance = traitor. By recusing himself, and being drilled for it multiple times via POTUS twitter handle, he has shown himself to be in bed with the deep state Dems who are coming for your guns so they can instill sharia law across the land.


So the plan is for Whitaker to reduce the budget of Muller’s team so that he cannot pursue further investigation, and if Muller’s team somehow manages to produce a report Whitaker will decline to make it public thereby starting a partisan tug-of-war with subpoenas and we know that Trump wins partisan fights with the Dems.

I mean, I’m not sure if that is the plan but I’ve been watching Russian State TV and they’ve been analyzing possible scenarios for Trump to kill the Russia investigation for over an hour now and this is their final suggestion.


Trumps the type of friend that will talk about how close you are and then try to fuck your girlfriend the minute you break up.

And then pay her campaign money to stay quiet


I wish someone would fuck my ex-girlfriend and then pay her to shut up.

C’mon Mr. President. Help a dude out.


Trump is something, isn’t he?

Did any of you even catch a part of his post-Midterm Press Conference?

As the old saying goes; the man is so full of shit, his eyeballs are brown…

Cooperate to get some things done?

Not hardly.

As Trump said (paraphrasing):

"(If things can’t be done my way); I just blame the Democrats. It’s that easy…"



That’s why I think he is quietly happy about the house loss. Now he has a foil, and it’s likely gonna be Nancy Pelosi.


Had a similar thought myself. Lose the House, keep the Senate perfect outcome for Trump.


BIG time, for sure, @Legalsteel


You would think people would learn…

Try to fight Trump on his Terms?

You’ll lose everytime…

Ask Jim Acosta of CNN and 14 Republicans who ran against the man in the GOP Primaries…

(Hell…is Jeb Bush even still alive?)




You give him too much credit. He’d try and fuck your girl while you’re dating.


You can fight Trump on his terms, it’s just that you’d need a WWE heel to do it, not a bland politician - someone willing to confidently drop catchphrases such as “mushroom dick Donnie”, “Drumpf bankrupf” and constantly bringing up FLOTUS’ daddy issues and shady sexual history.

Remember Rubio and his “small hands” fiasco? That was cringe worthy amateurish. Even the late night talk show hosts miserably failed with the “he wants to bang his daughter” shtick because they couldn’t deliver it with a delivery of a seasoned reality TV veteran…

What’s acceptable from a reality TV heel looks poor taste from a suit-and-tie left wing late night host…


They should run Dwayne Johnson.


No. Dwayne has more class in his pinky tendon than all of our national politicians put together.


Whelp, who’s next on Trump’s SCOTUS list? As usual, comments are hilarious.



Kavanaugh pushed her confirmed.