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Trump: The Second Year


How can everyone be rich?


The environmental footprint would be obscene.


Just print more money, duh


Everyone in our country is “rich” compared to world averages and history. That’s why way more people die from obesity than starvation.


Ask Dad for money!


I don’t think it works like that.


There’s another factor - human being are hardwired to gauge their levels of happiness based on relative standards, meaning by comparing themselves to other members of their tribe/community/wider society.

It’s an evolutionary defense mechanism that enables humans to recover from traumas and tragedies.


Which is exacerbated by Instagram dbags who rent lamborghinis and pretend they’re living on easy street when they’re not. A very salient point.

Any time I get stressed about money and not meeting my lofty goals as fast as I like to I take a big step back and get perspective. I’m super lucky to have been born where I was and when I was. Human beings have never had more creature comforts and longer lifespans, ever. We’re lifting 25k people out of extreme poverty every day as a species.

Not trying to tell people to be content with a shitty situation. If you want to get better than by all means go ahead. Just looking for perspective.



That’s the final tally, now we get the joy of seeing how correct the pollsters are for the second time in the last 2 years.


I shan’t beclown myself with predictions. I’ve learnt that that way lies dumb.

Happy voting day to you yanks!


Remember the generic poll is kind of pointless. It’s the individual races that matter. The biggest wildcard is Pennsylvania since the supreme court drew new districts. So nobody has ever voted in these districts before. Should be a gimme for at least 4 seats to dems. They need 23 to flip the house.

Also, how do they always oversample Dems? Do Reps just never answer the damn phone?


Gonna be interesting




That’s a big swing. We’ll see. I think historically it’s probably pretty accurate, but it’s been a weird few years…


We gots to answer. Could be about our welfare checks.


I just imagined crabby Republicans seeing an unfamiliar number on the CID. Probably a communist! Don’t answer!


Early voting in FLA cuts to the Dems at the last minute. This is gonna be an interesting one.


Just reporting in. There was a long line to vote in my district this morning. That’s never happend, not even in 2016. Middle of nowhere too. That means literally nothing for the total results, just didn’t expect enthusiasm for midterms.

Poor guy handing out flyers in the rain has to be 25 ft from the door or something. Handing out dem flyers in a 99% red township. “Would you like a flyer? Nope.” Must of heard that exchange a dozen times. One old guy tried to start a debate with him right there.



I predict a GOP “Shellacking” (using the words of your Beloved President Obama!)

Hey…put your thoughts and predictions in the “Mid-Term Predictions” thread if you get time!


Applause, all around.

I legit laughed out loud at the last part.

EDIT: but seriously, my wife’s parents literally never answer their home (landline) phone. I’ll be there visiting, it will ring, they’ll glance at the caller ID & be like “Nope.” My parents typically will pick up the home phone regardless, but if it sounds like someone they don’t know they’ll shut it down in a hurry (more than once I’ve heard my dad say “How about I call you back at home during dinner” to some poor telemarketer). I don’t think any of them answer their cell if caller ID isn’t a number they recognize.