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Trump: The Second Year


Kanye’s recent music doesn’t make up for Yeezy being Yeezy lately. The dude has reached Michael Jackson levels of removed from reality. Do you think Trump would know a single Kanye west track if he heard it? If he does, I wonder which one.



Ha!!! Well played.


Pushing the parallels a little there, @Sloth

I don’t think Kayne was; or is; considered either…

Misinformed, and ignorant in both cases…but that’s about it.


Not if you ask CNN.


Trump and Kanye should recut that track for Kanye’s greatest hits album. Rename the track “Stormy”.


If I’m not mistaken…they are Fake News, correct?


I was reinforcing @sloth 's point. CNN called kanye some not very nice names and said he’s insane… because he likes somebody they don’t.

I’m sure CNN prints the truth occasionally @mufasa . Be reasonable!



I seriously believe that is his strategy, and why he won’t run again. He wants to get through 2020 with a string of right-wing policy victories and end a one year term riding high on Republican voter approval and then use that popularity to launch a moneymaking media venture.

A second term wouldn’t help that endgame very much.


BOY I’ve been doing a lot of fixing lately…!


Oooooo!..I don’t know, TB…

I think it would be hard for Trump to just give up the cheers and adulation of the crowds…

(P.S. On second thought…those would not have to stop, I guess…and he would still have the full protection of the Swamp’s Secret Service…)


Maybe he just dies on the toilet.


Michael Myers reaction when he said that didn’t say genius as much as it asked, “are you a moron?” Obama called him an idiot. But whatever your tribe needs to believe in order to feel good about yourselves.


My tribe? I’m not Elizabeth Warren.


Back then it was controversial. To some. But he wasn’t the race betraying fella he’s portrayed as today.


Kanye did say slavery is a choice so he was considered a moron before and regardless of his association with Trump. It isn’t always all about Trump.


Why assume tribe only refers to native Americans?


It’s a topical political joke.


What do you think mine was?



The information sure is not talked about in the media.

My favorite line from Trump was; “I am rich. No like I am really rich. Really, really, really rich and I want you to be rich too.” (not verbatim) jajajaja!! It is kind of long at an hour and a half but of course you can watch it in chunks ; )