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Trump: The Second Year


I don’t even know what to say about stuff like this anymore.


Mind boggling stuff. People wonder how we ended up with Trump…


No way mang. The minority controlling the majority will never take it’s place in our hearts

Mob rule is just a pipe dream




That’s what you get for voting/acting against “your best interests”.

Violent snobbery.



The videos speak for themselves…


Yuck. I haven’t been posting much lately because I’m pretty well sick of all things politics.

I’ve been beating the dead horse on here of a needed third (4th, 5th, and 6th) party since forever but how can people honestly like either side?


Agree with this we need more options and a more parliamentary representation system that doesn’t throw away third party votes and more truly reflects the will of the people.


What’s the point of this? An incredibly biased “news” site reporting on a political ad (the very definition of bias).


Or is it crying about having someone fired for something someone else said?


The progressive faction of Dems are the only ones that actually like their party and feel like they are effecting some change.

The rest of us just like beating dead horses too.


It’s just a political ad. A good one, I might add. Why does it matter who reported on it? Sorry you don’t like the Daily Wire, guy. .

Calling a black guy a “token negro” and saying, “Kanye West is what happens when Negros don’t read,” is some ridiculously hateful shit. Go ahead and defend them, though. Makes you look great. And he never called for them to be fired. He just said he wondered why they are still on air. Poor headline by Fox.

You quite often ignore the content of posts and add nothing to the conversation…


Why should Lemon get fired for something a guest on his show said?

Why is an ad considered a source of news?

How did all of those who now defend Kanye feel when he said GWB hated black people?


I never said Lemon should get fired. Neither did Walker. You would have to ask him why he wonders how those 3 are still on air… Besides, the post was about how democrats berate black people who aren’t democrats, than it is about anyone being fired.

Again ,it’s a political ad. That’s it. It has nothing to do with a source of news.

You would have to ask them. That is also extremely irrelevant but hey, keep defending these clowns who shit on black people who aren’t democrats…


Perhaps but I’m ready for all these people who don’t like Democrats and Republicans to actually not vote for them.


You’ll be waiting a while, methinks.


No doubt about that.


Turnout of qualified voters is already very low. If someone or group put together a compelling enough (I don’t know what that actually means) they could easily challenge either or both parties. The idea has been percolating for a good while now.


It would take the support of millions and millions of people, the inaction of 2 supremely powerful political parties, and an entirely new infrastructure being built from scratch. The word easy definitely doesn’t belong in the same sentence as America getting a legitimate 3rd party lol


The company that arranges the most overnight accommodations on earth owns no structures.

The company that arranges the most vehicle trips on earth owns no vehicles.

The infrastructure is there (internet). The inaction of the parties is there (never ending status quo). What’s needed is a compelling message and messenger.