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Trump: The Second Year


Somebody clarify my mind, is Trump more of a public horn blower who is really a master chef at creating the conditions for successful policy when the right moment strikes? During his election he came across as very alarming, but I heard some say that those were generalized talking points and that actual policy would be more pragmatic.

With what we just saw with North Korea;

Was all the ‘Rocket Man’ and other blustery rhetoric just a means over time to season and simmer Kim Jong-Un and then pick the right moment to bring it all together and serve it up as a luxury meal?


Might I get you started anyway? I realize that he is only a popular culture star, but Robert De Niro was in Toronto and absolutely slammed Trump.

Does this type of thing tie into my post below?


I realize that a bit of above I forgot to put in Mufasa’s thread, but did I just kill this? I have another Trump story to post.


I will test the waters with this:

there is mention in the article of the foundation going outside its bounds by assisting with Trump’s campaign. there is already enough fur flying about possible Russian involvement that another possible meddling is of concern.


All with ultimately be an exercise in trading taxpayer dollars for shining a spotlight on Trump’s willingness to pardon people regardless of the law


Nah I don’t think so. Speaking for myself, I’m currently very judicious with any online forum Preformatted textposting, just due to time constraints and such. I’m sure others are the same.


Looks like things are just heating up for Paulie boy


Already more jailtime than the entire Benghazi investigation? BRB family time


Just…just no.

I mean, ok fine the UN is political. But no matter what the political reality, having a seat on the damn council is an important status to maintain if for no other reason than a symbol of our leadership.


You obviously haven’t seen the plans for how great this wall is gonna be. It’s gonna be hyuuuuuuuuge.


I really feel like banging my head against the wall a lot of days after seeing news like this.


And lets provide a warm welcome for the newest members of the UNHRC, the Democratic Republic of Congo!

Membership just became the new NPP.


Before we get carried away with selective outrage, the Trump administration voted for electing Saudi Arabia into the UN Women’s rights commission. You know, stoning for adultery, can’t leave without a guardian, rape is impossible ISIS sponsoring country.

Edit: Not defending DRC because it’s one of the worst hellholes in the world, but it’s not exactly a functioning state, the central government doesn’t hold much sway over the vast countryside, and it’s territory in the outskirts is a lawless wasteland used as the battlefield for regional powers vying for supremacy, including the “Israel of Africa” Rwanda.


I’m with Haley on this one…

(Are you kidding??? The “Democratic” Republic of the Congo???)

“When a so-called human rights council cannot bring itself to address the massive abuses in Venezuela and Iran; and it welcomes the Democratic Republic of Congo as a new member; the council ceases to be worthy of its name,” the ambassador said.

Haley also pointed to the continued existence of “agenda item 7”, a permanent fixture on the schedule, exclusively devoted to the discussion of rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Sometimes a leader has to say “enough is enough”…


(Trump never let’s me down…)

Let me guess, Loppar…the DRC is an active member of UNICEF? (sarcasm meant)…


I try not too but that piece of low hanging fruit was just too juicy.

To be clear I think that the entire construct is a hierarchy of funny hats staffed by pompous dimwits that actually believe finger wagging is an acceptable deterrent for genocide.

Now I just need to sit back and wait for Bismarck to call me dumb and unappreciative of the :laughing:nuanced art of international politics.


Hell just got a little colder. Though I agree.

As a counter point, what do we expect the UN to do when a nation starts slaughtering their own people? Should NATO/UN invade every place with a homicidal dictator? That hasn’t gone well lately.

I realize drawing the line at allowing the DRC onto the council is laughable.


Indeed it did…

Because there is someone in Trump’s Administration who has lasted longer than 6 weeks…


Completely block their trade routes outside the country imo


Depending on the country it’d probably be more cost effective to suicide the current regime…