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Trump: The Second Year

It’s hard to believe; but Trump is moving into his second year; so I’d thought it was time to start a new Thread.

Only 4 days into the New Year…and Trump’s tweeting and actions are as crazy as ever. (So much for the “pivot” that was supposed to happen…oh well…!)

I’ll start with the disbanding of the “Voter Fraud” Commission.

A lot of people …including a lot of Conservative AG’s in Conservative States…were not only offended by Trump’s claims of “rampant” Voter Fraud…they knew that it represented a move on Trump’s part to appease his enormous ego.

The thought of losing anything…whether it be the size of his Inauguration Crowd or the Popular Vote…is not something Trump takes well. (There was just NO way he lost ANY part of the Vote to Crooked Hillary…unless there were “millions and millions” (his words) of illegal Votes cast). Everyone knew that this wasn’t true from the time that he first tweeted about it.

What say 'ye, as we go into the second year?

(There certainly is already plenty to talk about, that’s for sure!)

According to Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

“There is “substantial evidence” of voter fraud… and blamed the ending of the commission on the refusal of many states to provide voter data sought by the panel and the cost of ongoing lawsuits…"

(Hang in there, Sarah. I’m actually pulling for you. There is light…and millions…waiting for you at the end of the tunnel…)

1a55a Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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[quote=“Mufasa, post:1, topic:237562”]
What say 'ye, as we go into the second year?[/quote]

  1. Trump’s Twitter game has been pure fire recently;
  2. Nothing substantial will come of the Russia investigation; and
  3. Y’all will be arguing about #2 for the next 3 years.

I think you’ll be proven wrong on this in the next couple months.

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[quote=“Tyler23, post:5, topic:237562”]
I think you’ll be proven wrong on this in the next couple months.[/quote]

2 for 3 still ain’t bad.


In that case it would be 1 out of 3. Although 3 could just as easily be changed to arguing about Hillary.

See what I mean?


Why? You don’t?

Better get rid of your stash of Doritos and Cold Hot Dogs, folks.

Jeff Sessions is “rescinding” the Obama Mandate that essentially allowed for the “hands-off” Policy of the Feds concerning Marijuana; UNLESS there was some overriding consideration. (Example organized Crime involvement; selling to children; etc.).

(Oh, boy…I will say this…Trump is a LOT of things…but boring and non-controversial is not one of them…)

Who knows where this is going to go…

(P.S. Not just Liberals smoke dope, by the way…)


A GOP senator from CO (who voted against legalization) and some Freedom Caucus members are pushing back and calling for Sessions’ removal.

Considering the timing of this, it’s just a big FU to California mostly. But with the tax revenue these states are bringing in, and considering that both teen use and opioid abuse are both down in legal states, they’re going to have a fight on their hands.


There is not too much they can do. It’s a state law vs. Federal law issue. This needs to be settled in court or congress needs to pass a law making Nixon’s draconian war on drug’s null and void and ceded to the states.
The genie is out of the bottle, it’s not going back in.


I truly hope this teaches future governments that if you want something done, do it legislatively. Executive faffery is never going to be a stable foundation for any policy.



If Congress wants to complain, well, the ball is in their court now. Nut up or shut up.


I don’t think there is enough to say this with confidence. But that changes on a weekly basis, back and forth, like a retarded see-saw.

Besides, that’s the perfect program to drain every dime from and kill.

No way they’ll kill that wholesale. It is such a pork barrel. You could get marijuana with national accord, but heroin or meth? Not so sure.

It certainly hasn’t improved policing by having it, that’s for damn sure. Nor the inner cities.

It’s probably going to end up in court first is my guess, should the Fed actually take any action. Doing so it a colossal waste of resources, for something that will be replaced by 10 for every one you take down.

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Exactly this. If CA is a success, it’s game over.

Imo it’s already game over. We’re just waiting for the pendulum to swing back to the Dems or enough anti vaccer esque GOP Congresspeople to die off.