Trump: The First Year

100 Days thread is nearing 8k posts. So to kick things off:

4 years to go still. He has plenty of time to implement everything he wants.

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Provided he gets to change the Constitution to his liking.


Shocking, but unfortunately, just not that shocking.

One interesting angle - what will we hear from the “conservatives” that support Trump that assailed Obama for being an anti-constitutional wannabe-tyrant when he mused about how good the Chinese system was (because it didn’t have checks and balances) and that he could do more with the benefit of a system like that?


At least he knows Civil War history… :pokerface:


Is he really going to lose Healthcare twice?

The British press has been doing a better job of reporting on Donald Quixote than the American press. Some of the best articles I’ve read about him were in the London Review of Books.

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I cannot understand why they are even going through this exercise. If this pulls coverage from a large number of people, it’ll be DOA in the Senate. I’m not sure if the House just wants to be able to say “Welp…we tried.” and then hope/help (starve the beast) the ACA fail, if they have another trick up their sleeve, or if they just really are this incompetent.


Ya, I don’t get it.

Try to keep in mind they’re doing their best. It’s not like they’ve had the better half of a decade to prepare for this shit.

I mean who knew healthcare could be so complicated, I sure didnt!


They’ve mismanaged this terribly. At this point, conservatives need to go back to their districts/states having voted to rip out the ACA root and branch, and the moderates need to go back to their districts/states having voted to reform but maintain coverage. You can’t have both, and Trump has to decide which wing is going to walk the plank.


I am guessing, at this point, it simply boils down to desperation. Without replacement, their tax cut effort is in serious jeopardy. Frankly, I can’t believe Ryan’s now putting his ass on the line for the third time on this. If this too fails, I cannot see how it bodes well for him.

I’ll give Trump credit for keeping an arms-length distance from these bills. He’s always said “we” or “our” rather than “my” bill. Gives him an out…but also allows him not to have to admit that he understands none of this.

This is an interesting take on why Trump said he would be honored to meet Kim Jung Un

(The last sentence of the article):

“…A year ago, President Trump’s critics were calling him a “con man.” But they never said he was bad at it…”

First of all, a basketball signed by Michael Jordan and Rodman’s visit to North Korea did more to calm for a while the respective man-child dictators (Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un) that any other policy measures - I don’t think that a meeting with The Donald has that allure to the latter imbecile.

As far as Scott Adams is concerned - there is veritable cottage industry of cerebral Trump supporters who initially claimed they were “independent” or “undecided”, but became progressively rabid as Trump popularity soared (wading into “Hussein Obama” territory and stuff like that) and started making convoluted explanations and justifications for every Trump action and/or blunder - how Trump’s eating McNuggets and drinking gallons of Coke is a sign of genius for example - with each one being more convoluted, strained and more desperate.


Trump and Putin agree to work together on NK


edit: don’t flame me. I couldn’t help it.


You’re en fuego today, fury. I’m still chuckling at your first post.


“People don’t realize, you know, the Civil War, you think about it, why? People don’t ask that question, but why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not be worked out?”


I was going to say that this was “easily” my favorite quote of Trump’s Presidency to date, but the Civil War quote might have it beat.

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