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Trump: The First 100 Days


Isn’t it interesting how, according to President-elect, everybody is lying - the CIA, NSA; FBI, liberals, New York Times and all of MSM, Democrats, Hillary, climate change scientists, Obama, DoJ, health care professionals, even GOPers…literally everybody.

Well, almost everybody. There’s one entity whose statements are taken at face value and considered beyond any doubt 100% true by the President-elect. And that entity is Putin’s Russia.

“It’s true because Russians said so!”

Isn’t that a tad worrying?


" This is shaping up to be very Nixon-like."

Ha ha…Read up on the Nixon resignation I think you will find quite a bit of difference. But there is a similarity between the corrupt Obama IRS that harassed conservative groups and the Nixon incident. But back in the day we had less partisan fighting and republicans joined democrats in their attack on Nixon, which was the right thing to do. Today the democrats watched Fast and Furious (gun running to Mexico) by Eric Holder, the IRS illegal attack on conservatives, the illegal NSA spying scandal, and a host of other impeachable acts and did…NOTHING!!

But then again Nixon was not the first black President who happened to be the most liberal President in our history as well. So, no one could expect the press or the democrats to do anything.

It’s well understood and history will not forget it.


You’re silly Zeb I was referring to this:

Not Watergate and “Deep Throat” :joy:


Well, Nixon is known for Watergate. Next time you’ll have to be more clear.

By the way everything I said about Obama still stands.


Don’t worry, Wikileaks is looking into it. We’ll get the truth soon enough!


They have an good track record, way better than WaPo which you constantly post links from.

Does the fact that the buzzfeed reporters can’t even verify these reports are legit not set off alarm bells?


You mean the same people who didn’t seek charges against Hillary Clinton and the doj who sent stand down orders to not investigate her properly?


These are strange days.


So they’re by definition worse than a lying America-hating dictator?


Are you serious? Proven track record? Oh what exactly? Russian and anti-American propaganda?

You didn’t answer my question - how does Wikileaks know that the report is clearly bogus?


Because they created it.


Careful. Your confirmation bias is showing again.


Oh dang I thought I zipped up this morning…


I must disagree my friend. Obama is leaving in 10 days…


Wasn’t it reported that the documents are full of spelling errors and have the wrong security classifications?

I can’t believe a document released by buzzfeed is being this taken remotely seriously


They’re pulling a Da vinci code.


If the journalists who released it can’t verify it’s authenticity, why would anyone take this seriously?


It’s called desperation. The democrat party is in shambles at almost every level of government. What do they have to lose? They might as well try to harm Trump as much as possible before he takes office. I don’t blame them. It’s not like the republicans didn’t trash Obama. I will say this however at least they waited until he was actually in office. But…hey that’s politics. One month from today this won’t be a story any longer there will be something else that the DNC pulls out of their ass.

Politics The Greatest Show on Earth!


Ha, this says it all “As we noted in our story, there is serious reason to doubt the allegations.”

This is such great theatre.

And the Trump haters will eat this up. It’s really a great move on the part of the left to attempt to degrade the Trump Presidency. But, they better have a really good follow up when nothing materializes from this, or do you think they are simply doing this to detract from the inauguration? Could be. But nice work nonetheless.


Has anyone seen Trump’s birth certificate? I heard he was born in Germany.