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Trump: The First 100 Days


I knew somebody would do something like you just did, raj…

Take something out of context of the WHOLE speech to make some “I TOLD you so!” point that is not true.

Read the whole speech; (which was far from decisive)…in which the President said we should listen to each other.

If you didn’t choose to watch it; or you don’t choose to read it; don’t take out small portions of it to support your own vitriol and divisiveness.

He’s a damn good man…and was a good, (but VERY imperfect) President…

They all are.

I, (and many) Americans will miss him.


If the point of that quote was to ‘prove’ Obama is/was a race-baiter, it missed the mark badly.


Obama is proof you can just have the same bad policies as ever but if you brand it correctly people will not only not hate It but they’ll love it.

Countries Bush bombed: 4

Countries Obama bombed : 7


[quote=“EyeDentist, post:1949, topic:223365”]
"…If the point of that quote was to ‘prove’ Obama is/was a race-baiter, it missed the mark badly…"

VERY badly.

And another point I drew from the speech…

The President understands what truly makes us great.


Well that explains the signature “Golden” hair of his…


The thing is Raj, is that democrats will do the exact same things as republicans, just dressed up in a different reason.

Republicans, on the other hand, will holler from the rooftops that they would NEVER do X, then turn around and do exactly X.


Who knew Don Henley would tell the future so adroitly, 30 years in advance?

Now it’s take and take and takeover, takeover
It’s all take and never give
All these trumped up towers
They’re just golden showers
Where are people supposed to live?


Maybe Alex Jones asked him to. God knows, we can’t be having many more gay frogs.


Move along. Nothing to see here.





Reading Twitter comments makes me almost pray for a Chinese led invasion.


Well in all fairness - Mother Jones did scoop BuzzFeed, here according to WaPo


If WaPo and Mother Jones are involved then we know it’s not real.


he’s probably weeping like a baby because he will no longer be able to drone attack Yemeni children :sob:

Ever wonder why the western media never shows gorey pictures of the wars abroad?

Great way to hide what our tax dollars are paying for and even Get praise


I turned on the Obama speech because I heard he was going to tout his accomplishments. When the speech went over 45 seconds I realized that he was simply continuing to lie. I mean…how long does it take to say “I carried on GW Bush’s plan to kill Bin Laden and we got him by golly.”

Seriously though as I listened to his speech I have to admit a tear did roll down my cheek. I was thinking "it’s over…the long nightmare is finally over…:

I have to end this post I’m getting choked up again.


You’ve been a great audience…I’ll be appearing here at least 4 times a week come on back and see me.


I can’t wait for Trump to 'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"

There…I beat you to it Mufasa…LOL


Dang I’m in a good mood. The sun is shining and Obama only has 10 more days in the White House. Gee I wonder how many more terrorists he can release from Gitmo in these next ten days?

Anyone want to start a pool?

That would be fun.


MSNBC Interview 2013

When asked: Do you have a relationship with Vladimir Putin?

“I do, and I can tell you he’s very interested in what we’re doing here today. He’s probably very interested in what you and I are saying here today and I’m sure he’s going to be seeing it in some form, but I do have a relationship with him.”

I’m sure he absolved his relationship with Vlad in these past three years. This is shaping up to be very Nixon-like.


And how does Wikileaks know that the document in question is “clearly bogus”?

Because it paints their employer in a negative light?