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Trump: The First 100 Days


Slow ya roll, @zeb1: Also from Forbes:

"While there is no question that Reagan’s economy rebounded with a greater fury and in a far shorter time frame than what Obama has been able to accomplish, the circumstances of Reagan’s recession were such that such a rebound was possible while all signs would indicate that such a result was not truly available to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Thus, to seek to draw conclusions as to which president had the better idea is a failed enterprise given the extreme differences in their relative circumstances."



What reason do we have to believe that Mexico will pay for the wall "later" if we pay for it now?


Sorry, but that's bullshit. Every time any sort of regulation is imposed on financial institutions, bankers get all teary-eyed and invoke the fictional "struggling small business owner that cannot get a loan".

The truth is that the financial system is awash with cheap money as interest rates are extremely low, even for the fictional "struggling small business owner" (see chart below).

To illustrate the levels of self delusion, Jamie Dimon called the abolition of Tier III bank capital (aka made up capital plucked out of thin air) "un-american" (!)


I’m sure this will be good.


Spoken like someone who has never even owned a lemonaid stand. It's far from bullshit my friend. Simply because interest rates are low you make the assumption that it's easy to get a loan. There are many things that the banks look for (according to my banker friend) that they were able to ignore prior to Obama's reign of terror. Many hoops to jump through.


I really hesitate to engage you in conversaton as it seems to go back and forth an average of 567 times with insessant repeatition. You have more time on your hands than I do Ha...

But, I agree correction is a good thing. Overcorrection is a very bad thing and that's what Obama did. I live with this stuff and you don't. You have to trust me buddy it is so much harder to operate today than it was before Obama's 8 years in office.

Look the guy has a great smile and is very charasmatic. But between the regulation and taxes he reached right into my life and made it far more difficult than it has to be.


Did you read Trump’s plan?


Trump said in a speech back in October that we would build the wall and that Mexico would reimburse us for the cost.

Will that happen? Your guess is as good as mine. But he is at least being consistent up to this point.


Seems to me it would be very, very difficult to say with certainty whether Obama overcorrected vs undercorrected vs corrected 'just right,' so I'm not sure how you can make such a claim with such certainty.

Never mind; now I understand.


4 main things that have obliterated America

1) mass immigration especially from Mexico
2) bleeding the treasury dry to fund unnecessary wars
3) trade deals leading to outsourcing of jobs en masse
4) bloated government especially regulations


You mean the idea that he's going to require providers of cash remittances from the U.S. to Mexico to show proof of legal residence, thereby cutting of those cash remittances from illegal immigrants?

He's also said that we're going to deport all of the illegal immigrants.

These seem to be fundamentally contradictory positions, no? If we're going to deport all of those people back to Mexico, doesn't the threat of stopping their cash remittances become a pretty hollow threat, since they're already back in Mexico?


The population increases by less than 1% each year. Of that 1% less than half comes from immigration and of that less than half of a percentage point about half comes from Central and South America.

When are you going to let this one go?


Did you read the rest of the plan?

That’s only the first step and even then deportations could take years. There are estimates of upwards of 30 million, they’re not going overnight.

The rest of his plan is to charge a tariff on goods imported from Mexico which there is a $58B deficit as well as charge a fee on visas to Mexicans.

$10B is a drop in the bucket relative to what they’re going to lose.

Edit: of his major campaign promises a wall and Mexico paying for it is probably the most likely


No, spoken like someone who used to own a financial consulting company.

Those "hoops" your banker "friend" is referring to are simple steps of the credit underwriting process designed to determine whether there is a significant probability that you can actually pay back that loan.

There simply isn't a case where one needs funds and the regulation instituted by the evil liberal cabal prevents them from getting them. As I've stated before, cheap funds are available to everyone. Literally, everyone.

I'm sure most of those bankers are missing the good old days before the 2008 crash.

If you want I can elaborate on specific points in more detail.


Tariff's cost consumers at the point of sale...




1 million jobs over 5 years


I'm glad we're back on that Globalization train. Phew, I was worried for a minute there.


When? If it was not during the horrid Obama regulation years then you don't get it.

You are spot on that's why small business has thrived during the Obama years ha NOT!


The nightmare to small business that is Barack Obama:



Bye, bye Barack and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of the White House.