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Trump: The First 100 Days


Question @loppar

Since things are trending favourably for Trump in terms of manufacturing, how do we determine what to give him credit for and what to discount?


He? The Great Leader? You really have no idea how any branch of industry works, do you?

And you sidestepped the second part of my post which directly contradicts your assumption.


See my previous post. How do we determine where to give Trump credit vs him riding an economic wave?


The POTUS, a country of 300m+ people should worry about millions of jobs, not several hundred or a thousand. That direct involvement in these specific cases that have drawn media attention is typical populist behavior.

I’ll try to use the town mayor analogy - do you want the roads in your town/city to be without potholes or do you want your mayor to personally fix a single pothole on a Facebook live broadcast accompanied by celebratory tweets?


Then essentially wait 2 years into his presidency and decide how things look then.

No individual company is going to commit to a million jobs.


The President Elect has promised 2.5 Million jobs/year.


That’s the whole point. Hence, Trump’s tweets are meaningless. POTUS’s job is to influence the overall macroeconomic trends that facilitate jobs creation.

Here’s another piece of good news. From 2014. Is Trump responsible for this as well? Did he invent time travel?

It seems that the quintessential American worker was better of during the Rapist’s tenure and that Obama presided over a moderate recovery starting from the second half of his first mandate.

Ironically, the collapse closely coincides with someone else’s Presidency.


[quote=“loppar, post:1854, topic:223365, full:true”]

That’s the whole point. Hence, Trump’s tweets are meaningless. POTUS’s job is to influence the overall macroeconomic trends that facilitate jobs creation. [/quote]

You don’t think tweeting about how companies planning to outsource American jobs will face major import tariffs isn’t influencing overall macroeconomics trends? You guys might hate his use of social media but these are still his direct words.

[quote=“loppar, post:1854, topic:223365, full:true”]
Here’s another piece of good news. From 2014. Is Trump responsible for this as well? Did he invent time travel?


You said this already…

Bill clinton approved NAFTA which put the outsourcing wheels in motion.


Even if he hits this number people will nitpick it down. Many such cases!



Not just “people” but the left in particular aided by the leftwing media outlets. Trump must continue to fight with the very people he defeated in winning the Presidency. But in all fairness that is how politics goes if you are a republican you always have to contend with both the opposition party (as do the democrats when they are elected) and most of the media…where the dems get mostly a free ride.


That’s not unheard of or impossible. It’s just unrealistic.


This study finding says that federal regulations have made the country 75% poorer in terms of GDP.

US GDP would be $54 Trillion as opposed to only $16 trillion. Just imagine what could be done if someone not beholden to special interests were to become president?

edit: rolling back regulations would lead to real “racial healing”


So the US would have 54 of the 78TT worldwide?

hehe come on Raj


President Ronald Reagan created 16.1 million jobs during his eight years in office. That’s just less than 5,500 new jobs per day. And that was after the horrid Jimmy Carter economy. Nonetheless,Trump has certainly set the bar high for himself hasn’t he?



Fair enough, but the potential is still there for massive gains from regulation rollbacks


This is true and not fully understood by those who have not tried to start a business and be faced with mountains of regulations. You get to a point where you swear the government is working as hard as it can to prevent you from success. Many more jobs will be created simply by removing the intrusive Obama regulations.


Out of interest, Zeb. How much do you reckon you spend fulfilling these regulatory requirements as a % of your business?

Also, is your business a type that has a high amount of regulatory oversight?


I actually own multiple small businesses. But, everyone of them is weighted down by over zealous, intrusive regulations. I have one full time employee who is paid quite well simply to handle all of the state and federal regulations. If it were not so burdensome and expensive it would be comical.

I was talking to a banker friend of mine who was explaining all of the regulations that the Obama administration has foisted on the banking industry. He said it has become difficult to do business in this environment and how it discourages new businesses from getting loans. He told me that if I was starting out now instead of back in the day I never would have been able to grow as I did.

But, this is what happens when we elect someone who has zero experience in anything except community organizing. Okay…he was a Senator for 18 months before announcing he wanted to run for the Presidency. But this is one of the reasons I rail against Obama. He has made life very difficult for me from every angle that you can harm a business. Tax policy, regulation and of course his famous remarks about how “you didn’t build that…someone else did it for you” And no I’m not going to debate that comment. I know what he meant and the way it was said was demeaning.

I think Trump will succeed economically simply by removing the horrendous regulatory burden on business. Further, I honestly don’t think the average person has any idea how many hoops business must jump through to not just open it’s doors but to meet the governments unrealistic regulatory demands.

Trump is set up for big economic success on that note alone.


Hmm…I wonder why the Obama admin felt the need to regulate the banking industry. Could it be the fact that they nearly caused the world economy to implode in 2008?