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Trump: The First 100 Days


The whole conversation was based around the war on drugs


Yep. It’s a great place to get more involved with gangs and learn all kinds of new tricks and maladaptive behaviors.

In fact, its hard to call the use of violence, coercion, and networking with gangs maladaptive in that environment.

We should also look at factors that contribute to institutionalization. There has to be something wrong on a societal level when people are subject to imprisonment which should be a deterrent, but becomes something that they don’t want to leave.


Is this the explanation wherein black folk, by the way they act, have caused the police to be on hair-trigger?


"3 hots and a cot."
It really comes down to economics in my opinion…a job stops a bullet everytime. And I think drug dealers are incredibly smart. I mean they understand cash flow, supply and demand, networking, security, bootstrapping. But their entrepreneurial spirit is in the wrong place. Obviously drug dealing is horrible but man, those guys know how to hustle.

Teach people entrepreneurship and they could create many jobs in my opinion. Create a better socioeconomic environment and everything will get better…and you don’t have to take money from some rich folks and re-distribute it. My only concern would be access to capital.


More jobs


Yes. More jobs. That have nothing to do with Trump as this is an established phenomenon.

This has been happening for the last two years, but there wasn’t any tweeting.

Here’s an article from the spring of last year.


And the most depressing thing, already obvious to anyone with even a cursory knowledge of populism, is that he’s gonna succeed in framing the narrative.

Trump is gonna ride this graph, breaking it down into tweets. I’m sure the return of manufacturing jobs (that took off in 2010, by the way and has nothing to do with Trump) can be broken down into at least 100 celebratory tweets per year.

And then, no matter how much he fucks up everywhere else (and the possibilities for that are almost endless) his supporters will chant “yes, yes, he may be corrupt but he brought back jobs!”



To add to it, loppar…President Obama with not get ONE SHRED OF CREDIT for handing Trump a better economy and overall financial climate than he was handed 8 years ago.

Now…I agree with TB and others that once the economy was back on a firmer foundation, perhaps more could have been done with a struggling economy…but is seems he could at the very least be given some credit for taking us from the abyss.

But he won’t.


And yes…rest assured that Trump will Tweet about every Job created in the U.S…and will take credit for every last one of them…


Interesting how these announcements have been pouring in shortly after his election win.

Either way one cannot overlook the shame he has placed on companies wanting to outsource American jobs at this point


Can you explain What you think Obama did positively in terms of the economy?


Yep…Fiat Chrysler MUST have made Billions of Dollars worth of decisions and hundreds of legal/contractual obligations over the Christmas Holidays.



If you and others feel he did nothing…then there is nothing I could either write of say that would make any difference whatsoever.


They could have projected their plans based on a Hillary win vs a Trump win, then once the election ended acted accordingly.

I’m obviously speculating I don’t know. But I tell you one thing, when companies see a rule of requiring repealing two regulations for every one that is enacted that’s got to mean something


Can’t say as I blame him, as he pledged/promised to create 25M jobs over 10 years. That’s over 6800 jobs/day.


I rarely if ever even discuss Obama.

I just want to know why you think that. In fact I promise not to reply lol


Ok, let me repeat that again - no one actually wants to outsource American jobs anymore! Got that?

It’s a complex issue , but let’s just say the increased affluence of the Mexican and the Chinese worker coupled with imminent automation prevents further outsourcing.

Automation is coming very, very soon - those “saved” Carrier jobs will be gone is a few years time.

Here’s another piece of good news:

In the United States, Ford expects to create more than 5,000 jobs, including 3,300 salaried positions, the largest hiring initiative since 2000. In the past two years, the company has created more than 14,000 jobs in North America.

Oh wait! That piece of good news is actually from 2014 but since it was published in industry-specific news outlets no one cared


Rated half truth on job creation. I looked here because FactCheck didnt look back far enough to judge Obama fairly.
Neo con Bush II administration certainly didn’t mind jobs, lives, and tax dollars treking overseas.

Lastly - agreed with raj the announcements are certainly coming in now. Attribute the credit however, pleased to see jobs RE patriated.


Yes automation is on its way but why overlook gains at the margins in the economy?

If he can delay automation of those jobs for 10 years that’s still great.


Hell, jobs would just be a bonus! The real prize is the hatred he evokes from progressives/the left! His being hated by the those that dreamed up “ze” and “zir” is enough.

I’ve said it before, but I have no problem repeating it: If Trump himself one day forces me to lick his boot- assuming said boot and man are still hated by those I despise- before he takes me before Vlad Putin to serve as a sacrifice, I expect the taste of that boot to bring me great pleasure! Plus: at least Putin looks like a man. If someone takes a photograph of my beheading or torture, I don’t want the guy doing it to look like Obama or Hillary(how embarrassing it would be if future generations see ze/zir killing me!)!