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Trump: The First 100 Days


That’s sad man…but I have heard that shit makes you paranoid so that could make sense if you were high around them.


Even when the laws were designed to subjugate a particular group for political gain, as seems to have been the case re Nixon’s war on drugs?

Edit: I see I was once again late to the party, as @MoreMuscle already addressed this.

Clearly not.


No, you are.


If black people didn’t take drugs, or sell them they would not go to jail.

What happened to you agreeing that personal responsibility is needed in order for anyone to move forward.

This is a mindless left wing defense.


Like not comply with the lawful order of a police officer.


The issue is not whether people who break the law should go to jail. Rather, it’s whether the police are evenhanded in how they enforce the laws, whether DAs are consistent in how they prosecute them, whether judges are equitable in how they sentence offenders, and the extent to which the sentencing guidelines are reasonable and appropriate. And in each aspect, a strong case can be made that the system has not been fair to AAs.


You’re missing the point again. I explained to you why there are many less men in the community which directly contributed to the young men who don’t have fathers and therefore may not comply with police in this present day and age. There are multiple pieces to the puzzle.

Once again, White people take/deal drugs at nearly the same rate and don’t go to jail at the same rate.

If you as a business owner targeted one market vs another you’re probably going to get more people from the market you targeted even if both markets are equally interested in your product or service.

If you police one area more than another, the people in said area will be locked up more than people in the other one.

If you can’t see it in that example directly in your paradigm I’m done my friend.

Edit: @EyeDentist beat me this time lol


Yes it is and rest assured that the Police officer is simple doing his or her job. The false narrative that cops are gunning for young black men is ludicrous.


I agreed to that at least 3 times. But in the end if today if a young black man impregnates a woman and then refuses to take responsibility for that action the sick chain of events starts all over again.


…it is no ones fault but the black man who refused to take responsibility.

And one more time on Cops. If you think Police Officers want to arrest young black men you are mistaken…like so many on the left. Just take a look at what is happening in Cities where Police Officers are basically not going into black areas any longer (or certainly going in less), because of the false narrative that the left wing media has placed on them. All sorts of crime is up. Whose fault is that? At this point I expect you to say it’s the fault of the cops for not going into the area. Yet, when they go into the area you blame them for arresting too many young black men.

I like you but your argument is basically not connecting…not logical and is false on its face. Like most liberal logic it makes no sense.

Are we done?

Too much debate not enough laughs…


And by the way how come you (MM) are not out with your wife tonight? Me and ED are old but you are young and should be out enjoying a Saturday night with your wife, or your pals.

Debating this crap with a long time conservative is just a waste of time for you my friend.


We were at the gym. It snowed like hell here but we could walk to the gym. Time to have a nice dinner :slight_smile:


“Despite the importance of understanding how race intersects with police use of force, little research has used police administrative data to investigate whether or not disparities exist. Because the dominant narrative around race and law enforcement is that crime rates drive police behavior, we used data from the National Justice Database—the Center for Policing Equity’s project to provide national-level data and analyses on police behavior—to investigate racial disparities in use of force benchmarking against demographics of local arrest rates. Even though this is a conservative estimate of bias, the analyses of 12 law enforcement departments from geographically and demographically diverse locations revealed that racial disparities in police use of force persist even when controlling for racial distribution of local arrest rates.”




Well have a great dinner. After all of this debating and your hard workout you must be really hungry.

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Absolutely. you have a good night as well buddy.


rehabiliation vs incarceration – arrest those that use drugs…put them in rehab…not jail for the rest of their lives.



We all know this. I explained why at least 7 or 8 times. …I don’t know who is more foolish you or I? Neither of us are kids and we each think we can change the others mind. Ha Either way this is not very much fun any more

I hope you are this persistent when you go after those cataracts.

Let me off this merry-go-round I’m getting dizzy.

Have a good night ED.

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On a final note to you my friend I could not agree more with your last post. Rehab is a great idea for a first time offender. But after that…THE CLINK.

Okay, talk to you tomorrow no doubt.

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The numbers on black crime are so horrendous that even if we grant major discounts for corruption they’re still really bad.

13% of the population responsible for 52% of felony homicides IIRC.

Women barely commit violent crime so that number is even worse - 8-9% (I’m guessing?) 52% of felony homicides


I agree with this to a great degree, but some judiciousness needs to be exercised when determining who goes to prison and who goes to rehab. If they’re using/dealing at a subsistence level, sure- go to rehab. But if they’re further up the chain and have or are moving large quantities- jail.

Actually, keeping more first timers out of jail would help in another major way- it would cut off one of the main channels to becoming criminally networked.


Absolutely on bath parts. I’ve definitely heard that going to jail/prison just teaches you how to be a better criminal.