Trump: The First 100 Days

This kid’s going places…

I blame Romney. Guy put a target on Big Bird’s back


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Why do people hate Bannon?

If your answer is he’s a white supremacist I’m not interested

You and he share a lot of the same views. You wouldn’t understand.

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Ah, shutting down debate, aren’t we?

Here you go - it’s a comedy site but Robert Evans is a legit reporter who did an admirable job in Kurdistan.

By the way, the article in question, although click-baity, answers your question about Bannon as well as accurately describes much of your behavior on this forum:

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Don’t you have some Ukrainians to go starve Lazar?

Why did people hate Osama Bid Laden?

If your answer is he’s a terrorist I’m not interested.


He hired jews, homosexual and Pakistanis at breitbart.

If he’s a white supremacist he’s extremely confused

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I tend to forget that board members arbitrarily and openly prohibit hiring that directly conflicts anti discrimination laws.

Silly me.

Does he have an opinion of federally mandated workplace nap time?

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He wants to outlaw all naps at the federal level and roll the dice with SCOTUS when the Parents-Make-the-Rules 501c sues.

Can someone please explain to me what an “Economic Nationalist” is (serious question)…then I will ask a follow-up question.

(Damn good discussions, guys!)

According to Wiki (first I’d heard of it before):

“Don’t let foreign money invest in our country” with a sprinkle of “buy American or GTFO”

Edit: Add a dash of “never allow imports to exceed exports”

I’m all for buying American, I’m even in the process of launching a company whose products will be 100% made in America, but this is just stupid.


Well of course it’s stupid. You should procure those products from Asia.

Hey l read that wrong?

You’d love my wife’s uncle. I had a half hour debate (at Thanksgiving one year) with him about why “American Made” doesn’t default to “Best Product.”

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It would be cheaper…

Once upon a time, it did, but sadly that’s just not the case anymore.