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Trump: The First 100 Days


He promised a deportation force


Ah my bad. Guess I missed that one. 100,000 soldiers would make for one hellava deportation force. Nothing like using ~20% of the National Guard in the country to kick out some brown people amirite?!


Wow, you don’t really think that we are kicking them out because of their color do you? Seriously? We are a nation of laws and whether the people are Mexican, Canadian or of some other national origin do you honestly think that we should disregard our border laws and allow them to stay? And if you do think this do you think that we should even have border laws at all?

Also, have you seen what happens to countries in other areas of the world who allow anyone to enter at will?


Interesting take: fake news story was put out there to find the leak


Here is an old timey solution.
Get engaged, build 3-4 room house by hand and with family. After completed - get married & add on rooms after 2 or 3 kids. Help family build theirs. No mortgage.

Instead of finish college with 3 years of salary of debt, live in 2000/mo high rise or buy 400k house, drive 50,000 car, live like a rockstar on expensive meals, trips, coffee.

Maybe lm getting too old,but of course my age and younger did this too. Poundfoolish.


If we had any plans of mass deportation of illegal Canadians I’d be inclined to agree with you. At the moment, the focus seems to be on Central/South America. Personally I completely understand why we’re focusing on illegals from down south instead of up north. That shit is sexy AF to a Trumper.

All that being said, people need to either stop using the “law is the law” argument while at the same time putting 0% focus on illegal Canadians (I mean we all know they’re the real problem after all).

Try to remember, it’s all just a game. Sit back and enjoy the show, you’ll be much happier that way.


Half of all illegal immigrants come from the Mexican border


I said that politics is an ongoing game. Governing is something else entirely. However, the two do coincide at times so I do not fault you for your confusion.


The “Canada and Europe” portion of illegals is 4% according to wiki


This is a national poll. The national presidential polls were correct.


I’ve never, in my life, made the statement that supporting Trump makes you a racist.

Toss in the number of people that overstay with expired visas/green cards. That’ll get you a real number. (I’m aware Canadian illegal immigration isn’t as widespread as Central/South America, was just making a point).


How else do Canadians stay illegally in America if not for over stay?

I haven’t heard of Canadians sneaking in there is no point


I don’t think so Tyler. From the polls I read they had Hillary winning both the electoral college and popular vote.


National polls don’t make electoral college predictions, Einstein.


Fair enough then why say that it is “sexy to Trumpers” to deport illegal Mexicans? Yet, you claim in a different part of your post that no one cares about Canadians. You can see how I drew that conclusion.


I guess @pfury you’ve never crossed the US-Canadian border.

If you have a Canadian passport it’s basically an open border to come into America.


Says the welsher…


Trump lost the popular vote by 2.1%. The aggregate of 10 polls showed Clinton by 3%. So within the margin of error.


Because a major selling point of his campaign was specifically stopping Central/South American illegal immigration. Hence, sexy to Trumpers.


My original point is that not many if any legitimate polls called Trump the winner. So, they were wrong.