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Trump: The First 100 Days


This is kind of interesting, good counter to all the people who claim America was never great. Usually they just equated it to something bad like anything before 1920 couldn’t possibly be great because women couldn’t vote, ignoring all other factors.

Interestingly the average of all those items comes out to be 1965


Wall would pay for itself even if only partially effective


If @therajraj didn’t exist, the writers at The Onion would have to invent him.


While I don’t agree with “America was never great,” the whole “women couldn’t vote” thing does kinda exclude the pre 1920ish time period in my mind as well.


Headed back to 1916 for the trade balance!

Hopefully, my manufacturing job will allow me to save enough money to buy a house by the late 20s / early 30s!


Greatest press conference of all time. OF ALL TIME!



a 1957 gallup poll asking Americans if they were happy, 96% answered very or fairly happy.



The loony response to being challenged on the “we had the biggest electoral college margin since Reagan” claim was absolutely hilarious.

“Obama had 365 in 2008…”

:“Well, yes, I meant the biggest margin for a Republican…”

“George HW Bush had 426 in 1992…”

“Um…well, I was given that information, I don’t know. Actually, I’ve seen that information around. But it was a very substantial victory…”


Seems like he was able to sum up his presidency with one line. That’s a bigly victory in my book


That’s hardly unusual. A quick Google search turned up the following…

95% answered “very happy” or “fairly happy” in 2003.

96% answered “very happy” or “fairly happy” in 2006.

Unfortunately, the Gallup poll asked this question (happiness) irregularly from 1948-1996, and only started asking this every year since 2000. However, they have asked a similar question about “being satisfied with the way things are going in their personal lives” on a regular basis, and…

“Americans have always reported a high level of personal satisfaction – at least 8 in 10 have said so since 1993 (Gallup has asked this question since 1979). The lowest level of personal satisfaction Gallup has ever recorded was still robust – 73% in July 1979.” (from 2006)

We should also probably notice that there’s a difference between being “happy” in response to a general question versus being “happy” about the state of the nation (America’s greatness, which was the initial genesis of this particular tangent). Today, I am very happy with my personal life; I have a pretty good job, married to a lovely woman, things are going well in my hobbies. Am I happy with the state of our federal government? Not really. Incidentally, the same Gallup poll from 2006 which found 96% of people reported being “very happy” or “fairly happy” and 84% said that they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their personal lives also asked about satisfaction with the way things are going in the United States. Let’s see how that went.

“That stands in stark contrast to the 30% of Americans who say they are satisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time. There have been several times in Gallup’s polling history when there have been larger gaps between personal and national satisfaction, with the largest being a 64-point gap between personal (81%) and national (17%) satisfaction in January 1981.” (again, this was from 2006)

So, being happy with your personal life /=/ being happy with the state of the nation. Mmmmk?

Since we’re on the subject of Gallup polls, let’s also check in on what they say about our current President:

“President Donald Trump’s 40% job approval rating about one month into his presidency is 21 percentage points below the historical average rating for elected presidents in mid-February (61%). It is also 11 points below the lowest mid-February reading for any other president.”



I wonder if those are the same guys that had Trump losing the Presidential race?


Under a Trump administration everyday feels like Christmas morning


There’s no way this is pure speculation from the admin to make PEOPLE EXACTLY LIKE YOU think he’s making progress out of thin air. 0% chance


How has he been in keeping his campaign promises thus far?


That’s fine. I never said the polls were actually right. However, if raj wants to use the Gallup poll to show that 1957 was the peak of American happiness (he couldn’t even get that right, but whatever), it seems fair to point out that the same group’s data is not exactly suggesting that the American people are so bigly satisfied with the job our President is doing.


Looks like the report from the AP is false. I believed it to be likely true based on everything else he’s followed through on immigration wise


I must have missed the campaign promise to mobilize a LITERAL ARMY to deport illegals.

Damn liberal media. Putting out fake news and shit. Thank god there’s a 0% chance it was pure speculation to make PEOPLE EXACTLY LIKE YOU think he’s doing something when he’s not.


They can call it Operation Jade Helm II.


Yeah operation wetback is taken by Eisenhower


I also shot in public school way back in 1999. Our gym class took a trip to the National Guard Armory and shot M16s. Don’t think that would happen today.