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Trump: The First 100 Days


LOL. I would ask if you’re kidding, but I already know the answer.


They’re, their, there BaNa2S, that’s why.



That shit was lit… thats 14K comedy gold IMO


Not to derail this derail, but that’s my big beef with the lay-persons who have somehow concluded that they understand climate science better than do actual climate scientists.


How does immigration effect belief in science over mysticism ?


This is unfortunate if true:


Holy fuck is it ever. I have nightmares about the world we are heading towards in my more cynical days.


At least the President of the United States understands how vaccines work… :pokerface:


Probably better than the generals do.


For Raj. Since he’s not a Muslim immigrant, I imagine this wouldn’t fall under “terrorism” in your mind.


Nope still terrorism but since a Muslim is 5000% more likely to commit terrorism than any other type of American if really doesn’t help your case for bomb loving Muslims


It was mercury in his shots when he was little that made him like that!


Hmm…I was suspecting paint chips, but I can live with that.


Whats wrong with paint chips? :upside_down:


You guys should find a room and just flirt in private

Back on topic


…In what Alternative Universe, Jean Luc…?


And you should come out of the closet. In your favorite nazi dominatrix outfit. While singing “Happy Birthday Baby” to a picture of Joseph Mengele.



In what fucking world??? “The world must accelerate green investment and set a clear timeline “for the full and equitable phase-out by all G20 members of all fossil fuel subsidies by 2020,” the 16 signatories wrote.”

They’re living in la la land. We don’t have the capability to phase that shit out in the next 3 years. That’s a recipe for economic collapse. Hey, I’ve got an idea–while we’re wrecking things let’s simultaneously raise the minimum wage to $40/hour. That way everybody will be rich!!