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Trump: The First 100 Days




*That was my best Trump impression in case anyone is wondering.


I disagree. First, the reports were considered serious enough to warrant inclusion in the PDB. Second, the existence of the reports is now a major story unto itself. It would be ludicrous for the MSM to act as if the report doesn’t exist.

So long as they emphasize that the reports are unconfirmed, they’re engaging in legit journalism.


Hey man I tuned into the Trump press conference hoping to see Trump give CNN the finger and was very disappointed that he didn’t. After all Obama gave FOX News the figurative finger for 8 years.

Anyway Trump did a great job at the new conference. This is going to be a great 8 years. Lower taxes, less regulation. One or more conservative Supreme Court Justices. And also…plenty high quality entertainment coming from both Trump as he is a showman and the fine folks from the DNC who will be throwing barriers down wherever they can and also trying to catch him with something so serious that they will cry out for impeachment.



A lot of this heavily outdated. For one he fired campaign manager Paul Manafort, which is their biggest claim.


Time Magazine is comparing Trump to Nixon as in…WATERGATE. Interesting…

“Now, a generation later, a digital break in to the national headquarters of one of our two major parties by a foreign adversary in order to leak information that benefits the other national party’s presidential candidate seems to be just the normal course of doing business. The Trump era, it is safe to assume, is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.”

I love Time they don’t even pretend to be fair. Where were the comparisons to Watergate when Obama’s Justice Department was running guns (Fast and Furious). Where were the comparisons when the IRS was harassing conservative organizations? Where were they when NSA was spying on Americans? Where were they with a host of other Obama scandals?

Not a peep.

Gotta love the left wing media they continue to do their jobs for the DNC…just as they’re supposed to.

Trump owes Russia nothing. And as I have been saying this “news story” will evaporate and the DNC will be on to something else in 30 days time.



Fair enough. Given the bath that the MSM has taken for the past couple of months, you’d think they would want to tighten up the standards a little. But if they just want to be infotainment, then they can have at it.

So how is it that the American public became privy to the content of the PDB?
I heard something about that but dismissed it as ridiculous at face value based on the security constraints of those types of things.


In other words, he still has ties to Russia.


I know you guys aren’t particularly into Canadian politics, but the new immigration minister is a Somalian refugee whose previous role was a community organizer (yikes!).

I swear everything that happens in the US, Canada follows 20 years later


I have no idea obviously (for some reason, the intelligence community has elected not to loop me in on the PDB). However, if asked to speculate, I would venture that some very pissed-off member(s) of the intelligence community–the guys and gals Trump has been belittling and dismissing for months–may have let a copy of the report slip out of their pocket in the presence of a member of the news media, or spoken about it while standing ‘slightly too close’ to a reporter.


Give a specific tie you want to discuss


President-elect’s national security advisor having dinner with some guy.


I have no specific ties I wish to discuss. My point was simply to refute the suggestion that Trump has no ties to Russia, when he most certainly does.


One of Trump’s glaring weaknesses…(I suppose some would say it’s a “strength”)…has been apparent for years…

He is never, ever wrong…and it is always someone else’s fault.


Okay, What do you think this means ultimately?


Ah, it’s not that you have a concern about anything, you’re just pointing out you’re technically correct?



This is humurous. Recap:

Dishonest media discussed Trump having ties to russia.

ED: nothing wrong with that, as he does have ties

raj: all circumstancial, no evidence

ED: provides evidence

raj: That’s old news

ED: meaning he has ties

raj: techically you’re correct.

hahaha thanks for the laugh.


What exactly are the ties? What connection does he personally have…?

Explain why it’s a concern


So you don’t think that a ret. Lieutenant General has the cajones to be at the table with Putin?

Or are you impugning his integrity with no actual proof of wrongdoing?


Really, this is pretty disheartening. These people need to feel like the President has their backs, not worry that he would throw them under the bus or try to discredit them for some political point. I can’t figure out why he wouldn’t just be more straightforward.