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Trump: The First 100 Days


LOL…you are in good form today!

  • ahem * In my best self righteous voice:

We are a nation of firsts! First to put a man on the moon. First non white president. To continue to be a nation of firsts, we must push the envelope. If that means publishing giant piles of steaming horseshit without verifying even a single dab of ink, then that is what we must do. Being first isn’t always easy. It was in this case, but that moon thing was a real bitch. Progress comes at a cost. Sometimes its monetary, other times its less tangible. If we had any journalistic integrity, that would have really been at stake here. But we don’t. So sure, we published a document that claims the president elect likes to watch russian hookers give golden showers. What’s the big deal? It’s not like you trusted us anyways, did you?

Your friends,

American Journalism.


I would point out that none of the mainstream media outlets (CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC) has addressed these unsubstantiated claims publicly. (At least, not to my knowledge.) So responsible journalism is still being honored by the big boys and girls.


We are also the first to question if a President was even born in the US. It’s politics my friend. That is how the game is played. It’s hardball with thorny spikes driven into the ball.

Each side tries as hard as possible to destroy the other side. What you are seeing right now is a move by the left to discredit Trump. And they are going to extremes to do it and I applaud their efforts. They are masters at the game of personal destruction. The RNC is not bad at it either as I mentioned above. But they can’t match the venom in the DNC. Not yet anyway. In time they will catch up. It used to be the other way around when a guy named Lee Atwater was an RNC player. For those of you not old enough to remember Lee google him and you will see what I mean.


Just this morning MSNBC did a piece on Trump and his ties to Russia. It was very good they were hammering him quite well. They are good DNC solders. As good as FOX? Nooooooo…


Nothing irresponsible or yellow about that, because Trump does have ties to Russia. The question is, did they mention the specific allegations within the disputed report? If not, my point stands. If they did, I will happily eat my helping of crow.


What sort of “ties” does he have?


Oh, I get it.

At the risk of sounding like fruit loop, I was only half joking about wikileaks creating the document or it being a disinformation bomb.

Any jackass with word and a printer could pull off this stunt and e-mail it to a news outlet. They are so desperate for dirt on Trump that they’ll do back flips on to their own swords in an attempt to draw some blood.



All we’ve had is speculation, “unconfirmed intelligence reports”, no actual conclusive evidence.

If he has ties provide evidence or stop flooding the internet with fake news.


The President-Elect figuratively…(and ALMOST literally)…gave the finger to the CNN reporter in the News Conference this morning.

He told him his organization was terrible…told him to shut up…and that he would not answer any of his questions…and the guy was on the front row!




It’s called politics. And both sides do it. But as I said the DNC is much better at it over the past 25 years or so. But don’t worry the RNC will catch up.

This is all smoke and mirrors. Just like the Obama birth certificate flap. Which by the way was taken to great lengths by our President elect. What happened? We had a very large number of voters who actually believed it.

Repeat after me:

Politics is a very dirty game!


Addressing them as unsubstantiated is just playing it safe while poisoning the pool.

An actual prudent move would be to keep quiet until they could be verified or debunked.

But that isn’t the way things work now, is it?


No, no, no that’s what the left is supposed to do. They lost and now their only recourse is to discredit the President Elect. Again…think birther movement.

Now tell me you’d rather watch sports on TV. No way…


There’s more evidence for Birtherism than Trumps ties to Russia.


I think you misunderstood what EyeDentist said.

EyeDentist did not say that they “addressed the claims as unsubstantiated.”

He said that they (CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC) “had not addressed these unsubstantiated claims.”

Maybe you just read his post too fast? He was saying that the major players (at that time) had not addressed the claims at all, and threw in the adjective “unsubstantiated” himself.


You are saying that because you are biased. Those on the left think that birthers are wacky and that there is nothing to it. Just like those on the right think that “Trump’s ties to Russia” are nonsensical.

And here is a secret…shh don’t tell anyone…both sides are correct! It’s all a game of smoke and mirrors to influence the voters.

The idea is to berate our opponent by any means possible. Those in the know understand that it is all a steaming pile of horse crap. But the general populace follows along. The general populace on the right are currently upset over the talk about Trump’s ties to Russia and the rest of the fake news that has been spread. The average Joe’s on the left are saying “Yeah we knew Trump was no good”.

And all along it is a fight to influence those in the middle who are not sure what to believe.

This stuff works and it has been going on as long as our nation has existed.


The video has already gone viral.



No, I read it correctly. Journalists are still covering it, they’re just throwing “unsubstantiated” in to keep their distance and still report it.


Ditto CNN, ditto CBS, ditto NBC, ditto Fox.