Trump: The First 100 Days

Ann coulter kills it

I want nothing more in this world than for Trump to try to go after rec weed. Nothing gets stoners out to vote quite like taking shots at the supply.

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Oh my hell…

Does President Trump know that just ONE…fully-armed Carrier Group…or Bomber Wing…can lay waste to the Planet many times over?

What does he mean by “making our nuclear arsenal Top of the Pack”?

Also…while we can certainly debate the numbers…the primary reasons for manufacturing job loss is 1) technological advances (which are moving forward, Trump or not and 2) the American desire for low-cost, readily available goods.

It’s neither immigration nor “bad” trade deals. In fact; “economic nationalism” stands to make things worse. (And believe me when I say I hope I can eat my words and say "You know what…Trump and Bannon were right.

We’ll see.

Lil nuclear arms race never hurt anyone.

Pumps a little piss and vinegar into everyone!

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Mufasa, I have a hard time squaring posts of yours like the above with the following:

At what point do you say, “screw this, we need to get this guy out of here!”? (Not calling you out if that’s how it comes across; genuinely curious).



Funny…when their economy improves or ours goes to shit, less Mexicans want to come here.


We’re good, T!

I think Trump is telepathically scrambling my Brain…!

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Some of it is, some of it is just currently unsourced.

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Without evidence it’s just statements.

As I’ve written before - see below. The US of A is for all practical purposes a world Empire, and has to act accordingly to ensure it’s long term survival, like all successful world Empires before that.

Attracting the best, brightest and the most educated? The Mongols under Genghis Khan did just that. Accepting vetted refugees that can meaningfully contribute to your society? Ottomans opened the doors to Sephardi Jews from Spain and Granada who were expelled by the Inquisition, even giving them special tax breaks to attract resettlement to Istanbul. Incidentally, the Ottomans were responsible for resettling Jews into Jerusalem after several centuries.

Protecting your borders by making sure your neighbors (buffer states) are stable with a vibrant economy to avoid unwanted migration? Romans. 1

So the point is - if you’re a world Empire you cannot retreat into some isolationist fantasy based on wishful thinking, or try to bend the global economy to your will for immediate political gain.

That’s why the British knew they had to abide by the rules of the free trade, although controlling a quarter of the world they could have introduced an Imperial tariff - there were several hare brained schemes, not unlike Trump’s, but which understandably came to nothing.


Iodine tablets? Check
Bottle caps to use as currency post nuclear apocalypse? Check
Weapons for lawless anarchy? Check
Water? Check
Food? Check
Vault? Knew I forgot something. Time to start digging.


John Podesta will now be writing for Washington Post.

When it comes to writing about POTUS, WaPo is fake news.


Just awesome: “deconstruction of administrative state” - that means taxes, trade pacts and regulation.

“America is nation a culture” - not interchangeable units like the left believes

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On Tranny news : just Trump keeping another promise

To save you the click, that was from 6/14/16.