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Trump Inauguration Thread


Yes it’s time.

Obama is finally gone and we have testosterone back in the Whitehouse


It would be great to see him repeal Obamacare during the ceremony ha


I predict he finishes the ceremony by pulling his dick out for Harambe.


Hillary’s smile is so fake


Is VP Pence physically able to move his face into smile positions?



President Trump!!!


Man, he’s not holding back on some serious commentary of the previous admin.


We avoided Martial Law/Jade Helm/FEMA Camps!


“Defending other countries borders while refusing to defend our own”


“We will eradicate radial Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth.”


I absolutely loved how he basically attacked all the politicians around him


Skyzyks…I am taking it that it’s not very positive? (I am unable to view it now).

If not; he is not affording the previous President the respect that has been given him by the Obamas.

That would not be a great surprise, though.


Or the Washington establishment in general. He ran on an anti-establishment feeling, but I somehow didn’t expect it to some out so strongly in his inaugural. I was expecting more unity and conciliatory talk, not for the government, but for people in general. Americans coming together to stand shoulder to shoulder kind of thing. It was definitely a speech for the people who feel like they are loosing in the current economy.

I didn’t like the isolationism. Parts of that made me very uncomfortable. We can love our country, and we can lead, but we don’t need to withdraw or place blame on countries that have emerging economies. I felt that a bit. An us against them feeling that isn’t necessary. Just my thoughts this morning.

Other than that, I was surprised that Toby Keith didn’t sing Red Solo Cup last night. Seriously, the prayers and the introduction to the inaugural about our history had me choked up a little bit. I was glad that Mo Tab performed America the Beautiful even though so many of my people didn’t want to support Trump. It’s an American institution, and it should be above politics when it comes to respecting the institution. Seeing our military men and women in their dress blues is always moving. I hope I never loose that feeling. I still feel like America is a miracle, and I feel incredibly grateful.


Eh, definitely unapologetic. As for the whats and hows of interpretation, I don’t know. I’m pretty blunt with most things and just tend to take them at face value.

If I were to guess though, I’ll say that you won’t like it.


The little I saw he was definitely shiting on a few people, lol.

He won and that’s what his supporters want to hear so good for him I guess. I think he’ll get away with it for now. He better deliver pretty quickly, though.


Oh…I’m good, Skyzyks.

If basic respect and common decency is part of “Making American Great Again”…then all I can say is that’s not me…and good luck to the New President.



Maybe I’m misunderstanding something? You seem to hold basic respect and common decency in pretty high regard.


Ding dong, Obama’s gone, obama’s gone for good! Woo hoo!


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