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Trump: Historical Religious Figure?

I hesitated starting yet another Trump thread; but:

  1. This is a Political Forum 2) Trump (for better of worse) seems to be at the Vortex of almost all political debate and 3) I found the implication that he may somehow be some historical “Jewish Savior” beyond the pale and too hard to ignore.

QUOTE (This is NOT “The Onion”)

“Could it be that President Trump right now has been sort of raised for such a time as this; just like Queen Esther; to help save the Jewish people from the Iranian menace?” CBN’s (Christian Broadcasting Network) Jerusalem bureau chief Chris Mitchell asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Smiling, Pompeo replied “as a Christian I certainly believe that’s possible”.

Personally; I find the implication of Trump being some type of historical religious figure outrageous…and a new low in Trump Worship.

I sure hope @Jewbacca replies to this.

I value your opinion, JB. As one Jewish man (I don’t expect you to be a spokesmen for all Jews); what are you thoughts? Also; in general; how is Trump viewed among your Jewish community (and the Jewish Community at large, if you choose to comment?).

Thoughts everyone?

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If you’d like to look up the President Trump king Cyrus connection Dr. Lance Wallnau covered that a lot. I never heard of the queen Ester reference. I personally don’t know any Christians who worship trump. We view him as a man being used by God for the good of the nation.

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I don’t think any president has been hated by the world press this much, ever. So if anyone was going to move the embassy to Jerusalem or recognize the Golan Heights as Israel it might as well be Trump. What’s the press going to do? Hate him more?

@Mufasa just for fun:

If you look at Jewish kings/leaders in scripture, they all had Trump moments.

Abraham knocked up his servant girl at his wife’s behest. Then cast out his own son to certain death because his wife was jealous.

Isaac lied about his wife (endangering her) to save his own skin.

Jacob was a conman who stole from his brother and literally fought an angel.

Moses smashed the first copy of the ten commandments in a rage.

Saul tried to kill David for years.

David knocked up his best friend’s wife and then had his best friend killed to cover it up.

Solomon built an alter to a different god to please one of his hundreds of wives.

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If trump is a historical religious figure, then I am glad I got out of religion.

From a social standpoint, even trump is not as backwards as the holy books. He may be racist, but he is not condoning slavery as the bible does.


I think it is very ironic that people claim the bible as a good source for morality. If anything it is an example of what not to do, and that being religious in no way makes you a better person than a non-religious one.

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Even though I’m an atheist I do remember those forced and sometimes beaten into me teachings of my southern baptist youth.
The one thing that comes to my mind when I think of trump and his strange religious support. "Beware of the false prophets "
If still boggles my mind that so many people of faith support him.


I feel the same.

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I’m curious.

Have other President’s been looked at the same?

(Please. I ask that you don’t waste your time even mentioning President Obama…because if Trump is some sort of “Savior”…then President Obama was certainly the Anti-Christ).

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With the VAST majority of it being Self-Inflicted…

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I mean, Irish Catholics in Boston reportedly hang pictures of Kennedy alongside the Pope and the Sacratissimum Cor Iesu.

That’s debatable. He certainly does himself no favours at all. However, if Trump can be blamed for an antipodean massacre, I am incapable of thinking of something he can’t be blamed for.

Those who believe this (IMO) are as deluded as those who believe Trump to be some Anvil of God.

I can’t even count the number of times just in modern history that I’ve seen these “Prophets” weave a Political Leader into Religious Beliefs.

Ronald Reagan was actually “Prophesied” to be who Trump is now…and read about the Religious Fervor that surrounded WW-II.

Everything “fit” for WW-II to be the pivotal event ushering in the Second Coming.

I haven’t seen much of trump being blamed for the shooting in New Zealand. Sure, they have mentioned the rise of white nationalism in the US, being related to the shooting, and trump seems to be part of the rise of white nationalism (at least the public display of it).

Let me stop myself right here.

People can choose to believe what they choose to believe…and I will support that right to the end.

I mean, CNN has certainly gone further than that. I’d have to actually use the manifesto to show how mendacious they were being (and I refuse to do so).

Edited: Manifestly was an atrocious word choice.

CNN and Trump are in a contentious and ever-escalating Public Feud.

FOX and Trump are in a sickening Bro.’ Fest of the Highest Magnitude.

CNN , FOX and Trump are all culpable for a being part of a Public Discourse that has gone beyond surreal to the ridiculous.


Its all about making money. Extreme hate, or support are what seems to draw the most viewers.

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So much this. Americans just genuinely love the shameless shit show that is DC politics.


I try to get my information from more central sources. I find the economist to be only slightly right, sources like the hill might be slightly left. Both mentioned sources seem to write rather negative reviews of trump and his policies.

I find the only sights that have positive reviews fall under extreme right, or propaganda sources when using a media bias tool. Who knows how good the tool is. It does rate the sources on wording, tone, coverage of events (covering less important items, that make one party look bad).