Trump: EO to Legislation

Other than the wall I think most republicans like his agenda. Lower taxes, less regulations, conservative appointed to the supreme court etc.

It’s Trump they don’t like and who can blame them…

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Yeah, it’s not his overall agenda per se, it’s the details and execution. Not to mention that Trump can change his mind on something within a single, run-on sentence, so hesitation to provide full-throated support is warranted.



The “dirty word”.

I don’t think that Trump “needs” to compromise with the DEMS (that much); but he will surely have to compromise with GOP leaders.

Do you think Trump has the temperament to do so…or will it be “My way or the Highway…” as the disobedient Republican gets the Tweet Smack Down?

I think Trump’s one track mind will lead to the “My way or the highway” approach. He’ll inevitably burn quite a few bridges and do a lot of damage to the GOP before he scales himself back.

Funny thing is, as much as this election felt like the downfall of the left, the next 4 years feel like a hellava test for the right. God help the GOP if they fail this test.


I agree, pfury…

What about this thought. I want Trump and the GOP to have AT LEAST 8 years or more of control.

That way; we will have had back-to-back administrations that would have (right or wrong/for better or worse) incited the passions of the American Electorate like none in modern history.

We could then look back; compare and contrast; and let History be the final judge of what will be a pivotal 16 year span of American History.

As someone with a passion for History (especially for our Republic and its Presidents); this is exciting.

I don’t mind the GOP having the reigns for 8 years. That being said the thought of Trump serving 2 terms scares the shit out of me. With all of the available information that we have on the man, I’m seriously struggling to be optimistic.

Also for clarity on my thoughts, if Trump has “proposed” something on the campaign trail and given zero specifics, I firmly place it in the “shit” category. If he had specifics he would have bragged about them, and if he doesn’t have specifics it means he proposed something before doing any research. I’m only evaluating him on what he’s DONE atm.


I think it was Prebuis who said that Trump was more of a “Big Picture” kind of person.

That may sound good…but that “Big Picture” better 1) have some careful thought behind it and 2) you have competent people in place to work out all the details and to consider all the ramifications.

While there is no indication that Trump did either prior with some of his early Executive Orders…he’s only been in office a short time.

I am taking a “wait-and-see/Give them time” posture.

Same here (although it’s not like we have a choice). Imo “Big Picture” type people are fine assuming they also have the ability to think little picture. Trump is yet to show this is the case, so my grade for Trump’s accomplishments thus far isn’t very good.

Also I’m fully aware that politicians, by default, usually end up being hypocrites. I really really wish we hadn’t evolved to the new Trump level of hypocrisy by acknowledging the problems with politicians, then shitting the bed anyway. It’s like hypocrisyception.

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Speaking of “Trump People”…

This is Stephen Miller, Trump’s “Presidential Adviser”…(along with Bannon?)

The guy gives off a creepy “Bates Motel/American Horror Story” Vibe every time I hear him speak.

Look…he may be the most competent person on Trump’s Team…but he needs to work on that chilling vibe he gives off…

He looks like he has an amphibian epithelium that lags behind his eyelids when he blinks.


This quote probably wasn’t the best to use as he made his debut on the world stage…unless all you care about is your base, of course.

“The end result of this, though, is that our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

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Yep… NOW we’re getting into “X-Files/Alien Invasion” territory…


I think most people would place even money on whether he has people chained up in his basement.

Gotta love a loyal soldier fully willing to take a bullet to the kneecap.

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Well hes about as smooth as sand paper made of dildos so dont count on anything without his signature drama fest… He wont deal with congress, senate, judges or anyone besides Putin in a friendly manner

As far as Obama care and tax code go Im cool with it… As a rich white guy I enjoy tax breaks so please hurry the fuck up… However I have had Obama care since it came out… It has lots of problems but its vastly better than what we had when insurance companies ran amock… But yes I agree with Ryan repeal it and replace it with something better… Something better is the key… Hes doing a piss poor job making us feel like he actually has a plan

As far as international stage he comes off as a fool and when a big event happens I hope he does research besides watching Fox & Friends for 5min… That Sweden shit was fucking lame… #neveragainplease

Yep. Scary as hell to me. I WISH the GOP had the reins for 8 years with someone else at the helm. I could handle that.

I said this way back at the beginning of the primaries–the longer Trump stays in the more he damages that GoP brand. I may have been wrong about a lot of the election but I am standing by that one.

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wow, that may be a classic right there.

All the talk before the election (when it was assumed Trump would lose) was about what shambles the GOP was in. Now it’s all about how bad of shape the democratic party is in. The dems were in bad shape before, no doubt, but the GOP is just as bad or worse now too. It’s been hijacked.

George Will said he suspects the GOP will come back around to more traditional conservative thinking once the Trump administration starts really trying to push some of its agenda - tax cuts, infrastructure spending, etc. It will be really interesting to see how that plays out.

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I think most high level republicans acknowledge this but, quite frankly, they’re shit out of luck on options.

I genuinely want Trump to succeed at this, but I’m too much of a realist to let the garbage slide. The best part of all of this is seeing Republicans complete the transformation into the thing they hated for 8 years, and genuinely believe they’re different “because they’re right.”