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Trump and Tulsa-WTF?

Hiroshima maybe, after the dropping of the Atomic Bomb?

No. It’s Tulsa, Oklahoma; June 1st, 1921

The Tulsa race massacre took place on May 31 and June 1, 1921, when mobs of white residents attacked black residents and businesses of the Greenwood District, Oklahoma. The attack was carried out on the ground and from private aircraft, destroying more than 35 square blocks of the district and killing and injuring an untold number of it’s Black Residents.

Secondly; June 19th; is considered the Official Day of Slave Emancipation in the U.S.

Trump has chosen this DAY (June 19th) and Tulsa, Oklahoma as the date and place of his first “Post COVID” rally. (Next week).


Look guys. These rally’s are a LOT of things…the least of which is the honoring and/or celebration of anything African American. So what the hell is Trump trying to prove other than to anger as many people as he can while flipping them off?

I personally think that it’s his biggest “Fu*k You” and crotch-grab to date.

(Oh…by the way? To his supporters? You will have to sign a waiver before you attend to promise to not sue should you contract COVID-19).


4 more years.

I don’t know what else to say…so the floor is now yours…

"…Airplanes carrying white assailants fired rifles and dropped firebombs on buildings, homes, and fleeing families…"

White folks know how to riot!

Yes. They know to do it where black people live.

Hanlon’s Razor. Though some of his staff might get shown the door.

EDIT: Can you cross check your sources on when Trump will be where?

This might be the most blatant, intentionally divisive act of the Trump presidency. The president with a racist stigma (deserved or not), is choosing the site of one of the most famous and horrific acts of racist violence ever perpetrated in this country, on the day when slavery was abolished, to hold a rally that will undoubtedly attract many out-and-out racists, to speak about 4 more years of MAGA to a pasty white crowd and insult the BLM movement during the midst of the most racial upheaval this county has seen in over 50 years.

this is the opposite of bringing a country together in a time of crisis. Covid (starting to spike again), economic crash, race riots. This rally will make at least 2 of those worse, and likely all 3.

To me it is telling that Trump is rallying in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Arizona… Those are the majority of his upcoming tour. Why is he rallying in solid red states? Normally a candidate would focus on purple states. Are those states now considered up for grabs?

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The latest information:

"The “Make America Great Again” rally will take place at 8 p.m. Friday, June 19 at the BOK Center, 200 South Denver Avenue, in Tulsa, according to Trump campaign representatives."

Do you have information to the contrary, @strongmangoals?

This rally and it’s location have been verified by multiple sources.

This morning on NPR they discussed the inappropriateness of the rally given it’s location and date. What you have posted aligns with NPR at least.

So Florida is purple. I can agree there. They will also have a large swath of new voters due to ex-cons being able to vote now. I don’t exactly know how an ex-con will vote on average? But the IIRC, there is above a million of them.

The other states are hard to explain, unless the GOP or Trump is worried about them. Maybe some other explanation?

That’s not the only part of that story. The local GOP are making it extremely difficult for them to get registered.

Mind you, knowing the calibre of Florida criminals, this may be an own goal on their part. Joe Exotic and co don’t strike me as likely Dem voters.

He’s an Oklahoman, as far as I know.

The ex-felons are not the only people the GOP makes registration difficult for. I have a feeling more than 50% of them vote for DEMs. I would not think the GOP would take these actions if they thought the ex-cons would vote for them, but at the same time they fight mail in ballots, which seem pretty neutral. Not sure?

Joe Exotic is Libertarian IIRC. He is a current convict, so he can’t vote. Is he in Florida? His zoo was in Oklahoma. Not sure on this?

That is my thought too, @Californiagrown.

My question is “why”?

If Trump even stops getting in his own way just a little; he has a bumpy, but clear path, to victory.

This may sound like a cliche (and maybe it is)…but when Trump wins in November; it will not be because of his actions and who he is… but in spite of his actions and who he is.

It’s just all so surreal to me right now.

That might be my mistake. I saw “private zoo” and meth addicted love slaves, and assumed Florida for some reason.


You are correct. I used him as an example without double checking, alas, my foolishness is now available for all to see.

You give Trump a lot of credit when you assume he knows anything about Tulsa or Juneteenth.

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It’s mid-June. What makes you think he won’t hit purple states between now and November. These are warm up appearances to get back into the swing of things.

Edit: And these are states where the governors are not going to raise holy hell about Covid.


I would agree with your doogs, except something like this took planning and coordination.

In other words there was 1) careful and deliberate thought given to the date and location for the first “post-COVID” rally and 2) it got the Trump seal of approval.

I also hear there is a liability waiver people sign when registering for the rally? I’ve not verified if this is real or not,