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Trump and the Courts


It defies all common sense to have genetic males competing in female sports. (IMO)


Good timing


Is this story more about the girl fighting the guy or the guy that wouldn’t shake her hand? Is it common in these things to fight cross gender?

Also, it’s always good to see reminders of why thousands of years of human and societal evolution, that we just won’t find a substitute for unbrideled testosterone production.


In all fairness, he was sandbagging.


Probably a bit of both. The male Cpt came off like an assclown. Shocking.


There is straight up no winning in accepting a bout with a female. In the military or anywhere else.


Society hasn’t even figured out driver’s licenses/SS cards or a bunch of other SOP for dealing with the transgendered. It would stand to reason that the military should be the last place for sorting out social change, not the first.

To your point about the integrated military, the entire north and west were integrated (though certainly not devoid of racism) before that point. It was the backward south that wasn’t.


Wasn’t sure where else to put this so court thread seemed alright.

I still think the settlement he came to was hilarious. Shit like this being the obvious reason


Never sure what to think of Musk. There’s a bit too much cult of personality around him. While he did well with PayPal and a couple other ventures… he’s not looking like a business genius.


Very much so agreed.

I’m very very interested to see how they do now that all the US tax credits have expired.

I’ll be honest. If I were working on wall street right now Tesla would be that company I shorted and can’t for the life of me figure out how it’s still alive.


I got a chance to meet several of his SpaceX employees when I worked for a supplier of theirs. They said everyone there is under 30yo and works absolutely insane hours because they’re true believers. Sounded like a cult from the outside.

I think the electric car at this point is a luxury good. We’ll see how sales during the first downturn Tesla exists through with no tax breaks.


Agree at this point…but as was shown on “60 Minutes” Sunday…China is pushing it to become “the” reality.

There are of course the expected Governmental Subsidies…but they are also telling U.S. Automakers that if they want access to China’s markets…10% of their cars must be Electric.

I think that at some point; the U.S. will up the ante in the Auto Makers.


Dude’s pretty strange from what I’ve seen/read of him. But I suppose you could say that for a lot of inventors/innovators. That said he has certainly shot himself in the foot plenty now.


Musk seems like a visionary, but not a CEO.

He should hand that off, so he can daydream future realities.



Musk is more of an “idea” guy…

While he certainly looks to hire top-notch engineers for his ventures…you get the sense that his “keeping of the books” and financial acumen is more than a little off.


I became a fan of Elon when The Man fined him $20 million for making a weed joke for his girlfriend on Twitter.

He’s like an outlaw rebel bad boy to me now.

Fight the Power!


Here’s the thing, I wonder if he is actually fooling us all. All of his harebrain flagship schemes make very profitable tech for other things.

His stupid tunnel, for instance, made some very profitable earth moving tech.

I wonder if he’s just conning us all or if he’s a goof.


I’ll admit, I didn’t really see the Ray story when it happened. Is this a big ouch for the SC? I’m not one to defend religion, but this seems pretty blatant, right?

To law people, is not submitting your request to SCOTUS soon enough something that actually gets used?


The screw up happened last month, and the more recent ruling got it right imo. It’s an improvement.

Not to downplay the screwed up-edness of what happened to the first guy.

Nothing seems blatant to me. I don’t assume it would be an easy task to shift the layers of bureaucracy to get an imam or Bhuddist priest in to an execution chamber. I do think they should have delayed killing a guy in order to get it sorted out first

Edit: but now I’m criticizing the respective states rather than the Supreme Court


The whole issue is a clear example of the sheer lunacy of our times and how politics and by extension, people really work. No one wants to fight along a transgender dude/ette, no one genuinely cares if they’re in or out. And transgenders aren’t really attracted to the military in any meaningful sense.

The whole kerfuffle is simply a minor battle ground in corrupt politics resulting from the disgusting setup of culture being gamed by ruthless people.
Those who feel conspiratorial will probably point out that it’s highly advantageous to destroy a military through this garbage. You don’t have to fear a coup done by generalettes who are busy monitoring their estrogen levels.