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Trump and the Courts


It defies all common sense to have genetic males competing in female sports. (IMO)


Good timing


Is this story more about the girl fighting the guy or the guy that wouldn’t shake her hand? Is it common in these things to fight cross gender?

Also, it’s always good to see reminders of why thousands of years of human and societal evolution, that we just won’t find a substitute for unbrideled testosterone production.


In all fairness, he was sandbagging.


Probably a bit of both. The male Cpt came off like an assclown. Shocking.


There is straight up no winning in accepting a bout with a female. In the military or anywhere else.


Society hasn’t even figured out driver’s licenses/SS cards or a bunch of other SOP for dealing with the transgendered. It would stand to reason that the military should be the last place for sorting out social change, not the first.

To your point about the integrated military, the entire north and west were integrated (though certainly not devoid of racism) before that point. It was the backward south that wasn’t.