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Trump and Pence's 60 Minutes Interview

That was Sarah Palin disastrous. Yikes. Anyone take anything positive out if it?

I’m convinced Trump was a plant to ensure Hillary got elected.


Yet Hillary will lose…

I just watched the entire interview and did not find anything disastrous about that interview. Trump was being Trump and actually a calmer Trump than usual. He gave some reasonable answers (for Trump) and Mike Pence gave some great answers.

Those who hate Trump will walk away and say it was a horrible interview. Those who want Hillary will say the same thing. But I didn’t see a problem with it in fact I think it helped him.

This is nearly impossible.

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I bet Trump can see Mexico from his Penthouse Suite in Manhattan.


What answers or moments were positives for the Trump campaign?

lol, come on man. Plenty of things to get on Palin for. (More so, getting on McCain camp for not preparing her.)

She really isn’t that dumb, I mean you’re using what was said on Saturday Night Live to make her look stupid.

But no, no one can top how bad she did in plenty of interviews. She ended up looking infinitely worse than she was.

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Honest question. If you are from Cali, the assumption is then you’re a rabid lefty. If that is the case, is there anything Trump could have done for you to see it as positive?


Lol, I’m just busting balls… Palin wasn’t as horrendous as the media made her out to be. She’s had some moments, though.

Without question, and she wasn’t a good VP pick. I mean, outside infinitely showing the left’s hypocrisy over and over and over again…

“You dont’ want to pay for someone’s birth control? War on Women!!!”

Then mention Palin, and watch the onslaught of attacks on the fact she is a woman…

Ya, I mean, that’s contemporary America for you.

But this is what I mean by no one can top the Palin disaster.

She WASN’T near as bad as she was made out to be. Not great mind you, but not nearly as bad as you were told to believe.

Trump, on the other hand, IS that bad.

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Your Senator is going bonkers over Trump @countingbeans

whoa their chief. No blood on my hands for that loony.

I voted for “stabbed freedom in the back” Scott Brown. Ask @polo77j about it.

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Hey, I understand, we’ve been sending Barbara Mikulski to the Senate for like 200 years.


I definitely think he is worse than Palin by a country mile.


Lol, you make a habit of assuming all 40 million people on California are rabid liberals? Sounds like you have zero objectivity.

I’m waiting for a candidate to impress me with a logical, rational policy platform that they can explain in a detailed and convincing manner. Also, I’d prefer my president to be someone with a sense of inherent dignity, composure and intelligence who commanded respect…

So, I ask again, what positives do you think the Trump camp can draw from that interview?



Better you tell us all what exactly was disastrous? You made the claim back it up.

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