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Trump: 2020 and Beyond

I debated starting another “Trump” thread…but what I witnessed yesterday screamed for one…

I also debated placing some silly caricature of Trump…but I thought that it may take away from how serious I felt about what I witnessed…so I just put a PIC of the News Conference.

It is a day of Thanksgiving…and instead of getting on National TV and assuring an exhausted Nation during a Pandemic…or even wishing Americans a safe and joy-filled Holiday…the President of the United States of America…let me write if again in bold…the President of the United States of America gets on National TV to air his personal grievances and to call what is the greatest turnout in election history a complete fraud (with no evidence whatsoever for even how such a massive undertaking was even planned and executed)…

Trump looked and sounded petty and small…and I was left simply feeling numb.

All of this came after seeing a short documentary on Q-Anon (and it’s fervent, organized, supporters; who by a conservative estimate represent close to 40% of the electorate and view Trump as the one to “save” our Democracy)…and it all has gone beyond the point of understanding for me.

I’ll just leave it at that and let you guys; both supporters and non-supporters of Trump; try and put some semblance of perspective on this…because at this point, I can’t.

What was it the journalist said that set him off and refuse to answer?

Would he concede. (I need to double check that to be sure).

I was in another room while my wife was listening to him. At first I didn’t realize it was Trump speaking, I missed the beginning, and I thought it was some old woman.


I had to find it on Fox after seeing a clip of him telling the reporter not to talk (about conceding should the electoral college call it for Biden on the 14th). It was absolutely despair-inducing for me.

I couldn’t agree more with every word of this. We are exhausted. And the entire country is becoming numb to this.

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No. Surely not. Surely.

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I didn’t watch it as I had a purposefully news free day yesterday and was thankful for it. I did see the lowlights today though and his behavior is just par for the course right now. It’s a tragedy that he’s misleading a good segment of the country right now into thinking that the election was rigged. I believe at this point, he knows he lost and there was no fraud in the election. It’s a grift just like the rest of his business ventures. He’s milking his supporters for every last cent he can get out of them. The longer he keeps up the charade that he’s fighting the results, the more money he can collect.

Hopefully more people like this guy will launch lawsuits: https://www.newsweek.com/donor-sues-pro-trump-group-2-5-million-failing-prove-voter-fraud-1550457

What’s more concerning going forward is the Qanon thing you mentioned. We now have 2 congresswomen who are full on Q supporters:
Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert

These people are full on f’n crazy. They believe that Democrats and Hollywood elite and abducting children to use for sex and to harvest a drug called Adrenochrome from their blood. They literally believe that this is a Satanic group and the Trump was went by God to stop them.

With Trump, the motives are clear in that it’s mostly about his own self enrichment. It sucks that we elected him, but his motives are pretty well understood. The Q people are true ideologues who believe they are in a good vs evil fight. The potential for someone to come out of this group and create a broad following like Trump isn’t fun to think about.

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It is not fun to think about.

Not too much longer. Watching the contrast between Biden’s tweets/speeches to Trump’s you would think one of them was from a different planet. I’m ready for boring.


Well you’re in for a real treat!

I know that the media is trying to regenerate the good ole days when you start seeing specials on JFK, “Camelot” and the Kennedys in general.

I’ve already browsed past a couple nostalgia bits, and a handful on John Jr.s birthday just recently.

JFK is like heroin for older Libs. Their eyes roll back, their body goes kinda flaccid, and their mouth sort of falls into a halcyon agape grin.

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Lol. Creative.

I’m rather detached from all “on demand” media services (on purpose), but kinda upset that the media is pivoting like that if your experience is accurate.

Boring might be good, but that’s a transparent switch. Or maybe they just figure they lost all their primetime viewer juice as crazy high school girl tweets from POTUS will become a thing of the past? 24 hour news cycle sucks.

I think it was mainly a birthday thing, but something I’ve just kinda noticed over the years, real or not.

When they want to drum up enthusiasm they roll out the JFK, Jackie O and little John-John footage.

Makes me want to puke.

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On the other hand, I suggest this for listening material if you’re at all familiar with the scene at the time…


My dad has the LP, but I’m sure you can find it on youtube. Comedy sketches based on the family. I’m a sucker for dry banter. I laughed my butt off.

I have zero chance of coming across something like this as my tv is only used for sports and Netflix/Hulu/Amazon. Only political stuff I come across is on the internet.

I only get TV during football season anyways!

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This Apprentice staffer says Trump wears a diaper and used to shit himself often.

Thing with Trump is, his own persona is like a silly caricature.

Man surely if that was true it would have come out a while ago I would think? But who knows. Seems to have just as much proof as mass voter fraud.

Meanwhile I wonder if Trump will say anything about his Milwaukee recount which came back netting another 132 votes…for Joe Biden.

There was HUUGE steaming proof, but some other staffer cleaned it up. Believe me. This whole thing stinks.

He’ll write a new book about it.


Sorry for messing up your thread Mufasa, but I keep getting this kind of shit in Whatsapp. This was the last one, I promise.

No problem, @deandre_va_der_saar…just keep posting and commenting!

It is very doubtful (as has been tradition) that Trump will attend Biden’s inauguration.

To add; this is what Trump Tweeted today:

"Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not fraudulently or illegally obtained. When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Milwaukee, massive voter fraud, he’s got a big unsolvable problem!"

This all is just one never-ending nightmare of someone who, quite frankly, seems to be slipping into a state of delusional paranoia.

Mark my words…it will NOT end when Biden is inaugurated.


You mean like he hasn’t been this way for decades? /S

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