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Truly Inspirational Video


Next time you think, you're not making gains because you missed a protein shake and that spirals you down into a dwindling cesspool of misery and depression which has the local doc prescribing the old Zoloft, just check into youtube first and check out this video:

Makes you feel like you do jack in the gym.




Wow ! Words escape me, now i feel cheap for not going to the gym just because of a messed up knee. That is great !


The most inspirational thing I have seen in my life.


He has a heart bigger than Texas.


I thought it was pretty cool.. until he started wrestling. Then my jaw absolutely DROPPED.


Made me Cry



I think its great and all and most of you will probably think I'm a horrible person after saying this but...I think the video was funny-training- sorry kill me.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=YyW3AnxYCe4 this one inspires me though!!!



That kid is amazing.


He tried to get into MMA and was denied a license.

No, I am not joking. His name is Kyle Maynard.


I thought the fact that the kid lossed to him was funny.

That is the craziest video I've seen, even if that guy kicked my ass I'd die laughing, what they call him Bionic Buckwheat.


humble, props to you for posting this video. this kid is the s--t!!! i ain't ashamed to say this brought tears to my eyes. lots and lots of todays youth need to see this video for breakfast and lunch and dinner and between meal snacks for awhile, know what i'm sayin?


Damn, that's amazing!

I was curious as to how he lost his arms and legs; turns out they were amputated when he was five because of a bacterial infection.

More details here:



I hear ya.

I too, cried.

This is another that today's youth need to see:

Old Arab saying, [i]"Contentment is a treasure chest that never runs out."[/i]


dude he wrestles for GA now i think. I wrestle for a rival school (Mercer) if i see him at our invitational I'll post some pics.