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Truly Awefull Powerlifting Jokes ?


Hey Bob (bench only brother)
The Chicken Called,
He wants his Calves back !

(Mendelson,Spoto exempt!)


Cows have calves, chickens have chicks.


[quote]Nards wrote:
Cows have calves, chickens have chicks.[/quote]

The chicken called because the calves are chicken legs


I’m confused now.


A woman at a department store sees a man standing at a counter. She sees no one is helping him so she approaches and says “Can I help you sir?”

He answers "I don’t know what to do"
She asks with concern "Do with what?"
The man points “This”

The woman looks towards where the man is pointing and sees a bell with a sign next to it “Press for assistance”


Yo mamma’s so powerlifter her belt is the equator.