True Potential to Be a T-Man

He’s huge, and loves wrestling.

definately a T-man.

At what point in society did it become acceptable and almost encouraged, to make an ass of yourself and put it up for all the free world to see on the net?

Not that hes the first, but I just wonder when was this practise deemed a good idea?

And you’re right, 2 more years, this guys got Chris Masters beat, 6 figure contract no doubt.

That is funny as fuck!! The frog splash was actually pretty well executed but he must have fucked his neck on that last move. (WWE fans will note that the last move is Mr Kennedys finisher!!)

HAHA lmao. I was thinking ‘wtf’ until the ending. Funny shit.

What a fuckin dode. why is he panting and out of breath, it’s not like he’s fat.


This is why I log in several times after I get home

You all make me laugh every fucking day

Looks like a young Tajiri.

You guys can make fun, but who among you has the balls to hit a 5 Star Frog Splash from Bed-to-Bed?

The caucasian Asian! Fucking ridiculous.

The most remarkable thing is that i actually watched that stupid thing to the end.