true or false

I was talking the other day with a friend and we were discussing different protein sources. Essentially he said that he thinks protein bars are a sham, because the baking of the bar denatures the protein. Likewise he said the same thing about rtd’s (ready to drink) because when the companies boil the product it denatures it. Is this true or false?

If you haven’t already, I suggest that you check out The Protein Insider

If your friend was right about cooking denaturing protein, does he only eat raw meat and poultry? Pull a Rocky and drink raw eggs?

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Your friend is partly right. Heating of protein will denaturate it, but it doesn?t matter a thing. Proteins will be digested to amino acids and peptides in your gut. Digestive enzymes don?t know if proteins are denaturated or not.

Do a search for “Protein Insider”. That article tells the story of what’s really going on with the mass marketed stuff.

Tenu was right. However absorption of amino acids and proteins from the gut varies.- There are several short chain proteins (you may have heard of them as peptide fractions) that are actually optimally and in priority absorbed vs the individual aa’s in the structure. These are the peptides /short proteins that the supp companies are trying to preserve by their preparation methods (or not, in the case of most companies - they don’t give a hoot.)I could go into a long essay about Whey filtration/ion exchAnge etc. However I always write too much anyway. Does this denatured protein make a significant difference? I think the jury’s still out in this one, despite multiple studies. My guess is that everybody’s protein absorption capability is different. SRS