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True Love?

Doesn’t anyone here beleive in true love? It doesn’t seam like anyone cares about anything more than just getting some. Does anyone beleive in waiting for that one right person and spending the rest of your life with that one?

Forget this bs. True love is a myth women invented so that we will continue to feed them after we are tired of their sha-nay-nay. What you look for is a girl that has bought into this. Then you can pretty much do anything you want. Remember, whoever cares the least has the power.

Fuck Huck. The answer is a resounding YES.

Huck if you ask me it is pretty obvious that you are a single man and will be as long as you have that idea in your head.

Wow! Hey Avoids, haven’t heard that since third grade. FYI, my post was supposed to be funny. Come on, a trick to get us to feed them? NOBODY is that bitter. If you want a serious answer, here it is: yes, love is real, and you can find it. I went home on leave to TX back in '81 and my sister had a girlfriend staying with her. We hit it off and in less than a week we professed our undying love for each other. I took her out to San Diego to live, we got married, etc etc. Now it is 20 years later, and we have never been happier. Two boys, one in H school, one in college. Just bought her a new Spanish Mustang for Xmas. I know my experience isn’t typical, but it shows that you can find the love of your life, and that you never know when you will meet her (him). I usually describe the feeling that I had when I first met Debbie as “like being hit across the forehead with a 2 x 4”. If it happens to you, you’ll know it. Good luck.

You don’t find the RIGHT PERSON; you become the RIGHT PERSON! I think there is a little too much “woman bashing” on this post. We men have plenty enough faults of our own!

Glad to hear it Huck. Been together here for 27 years and married 23. Sorry if I missed your humor. It was well disguised.

What do you mean when you say wait for the right person? Do you mean to commit, or to have sex? Why wait to have sex?

Sure, we all hope to find true love. And one day, I’ll find it. Until then, I don’t mind eating a few apples to find the one I’m looking for!

Yes…I truely love myself. Tee hee hee. To be honest ummmmmmm I don’t know…I’d like to think so. I know true lust. :slight_smile:

Ahhh, true love… The indescribable stuff that idealists long for. I used to be a believer in true love. But alas the girls who gave me the feeling that I’d been hit over the head with a 2x4 are either already married or engaged to other people. (I am hoping its for the best).
So instead of the perfect angel of true love, I now find myself settling for those girls who “look cute” and have the same fundamental beliefs that I do. Too bad I can’t find any of those either!

I don’t care that much about “getting some” because a lot of people who are “getting some” aren’t much happier than I.

I do not think there is such thing as love, let alone true love. I am also not afraid to say so despite what everybody else might say. Everybody is entitled to have his own opinion.

Sure, I believe in waiting for true love to get married. That doesn’t mean you can’t get laid while you’re waiting for “the one” to come along. It worked for me. It’s coming up on 20 years for us.

Well, considering the fact that I’m getting married next Saturday, I’d have to go with yes on this one. :wink:

When you find the right one, there’s not a single doubt.

Joey, you are correct. My sweetie has changed me plenty. I think much of “woman bashing” you may see here and elsewhere is nothing more than a failure to appreciate the basic differences between men and women. i.e. Man is the reasoning animal, and women are a species of talking bird.

You bought your wife a new “Spanish Mustang?” Is that some sort of vibrator??? :slight_smile:

Damn -just hit the wrong key. Now I have to type this again – Anyway, the Spanish Mustang is the horse the AM Indians rode. Originally brought over by the Spaniards, they were almost extinct in the 1920s when a group captured some of the best remaining specimens and formed an organization to breed them true. They are an extremely strong and hardy horse, heavily muscled for their size. Ours is a 4 month old filly named Squirt. She joins our other horse, a Paso Fino, 2 ferretts, 2 dogs, a cat, 5 poison toads, and 13 chickens. And yes, I am married to Ellie May Clampet.

it all depends on what you want. if you’re in your mid 20’s and hope to marry someone who has not ‘been around the block’ then you had better keep your dick in your pants. there are lots of people who think that it’s important to keep sex inside committed relationships but those people just seem to be the minority here (or at least much less vocal) i edit the ‘gang’ column, and one of the contributors has only been with her husband and he with her… and according to her they have a great sex life. so, yes, you can wait for ‘the one’ and have a very rewarding life.

I am a virgin and waiting for the right one. I just don’t want to have to ever be with the one that I truly love and be thinking about the way that it was with someone else. And if you wait for the right one and the right one waits for you then the sex will be great cause it’s the only sex you have ever experienced, and the sex will mean more when there is love behind it, cause it will be more than just the feeling.

True love is when she lets you stick it in her ass.