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True Life


the guy from true life is on CNBC right now, "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch", Zeus is engaged in a heated debate w/ former wrestler Billy Graham


P.S. the gay guy is also on i think he wants Zeus to give him a special injection.

Zeus just said that now that hes off the juice he feels like Clark Kent instead of superman


That blonde bitch is perpetuating more bullshit than the MTV "docutmentary"


I especially liked when she said (and I'm paraphrasing) "thats part of the problem, these young kids aren't just taking the steroids, they could also be taking other things with them like other drugs or creatine." Oh No! Creatine?!?! Yikes

Seriously, who was she? I missed the part where they introduced her.


Satan's cousin's half uncle to Osama Sadaam, who, and this is just pure speculation, is Paris Hilton's older sister in law to Pavel.

Either way, she's pure evil.



Is Osama Sadaam the mutation of the ultimate terrorist?


Satan, Zeus , randy savage and bin ladin have a frank discussion about terrorism and our complex world of today.