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True Life: I Use Steroids


Reminder that on the MTV there is a documentary about steroid usage.

Its on at 9:00pm CST. Thats in 10 MINUTES.


watching it already and the first few minutes were all negative with commentary


Will someone please post about the show after it airs? I don't have cable but am very interested to hear about it. Thanks a bunch!


hmmm 900CST is 700 here and all that's on MTV is a bunch of crappy music....


Im TIVO'ing it... ill convert and post. Might not be till this weekend.


This show is making me want to vomit


Does this mean I'll be able to download it? I don't think I'll be able to see it...


I did vomit. Twice.

Gimme a fucking break... the first guy came right out and said "i get all my advice from these magazines" then he holds up those shitty mags.

I havent seen one person do a squat BTW.


OMG that was so horrible. One guy wanted to take steroids so he could win strip contests at gay night clubs! What is wrong with people today. I honestly feel dumber for watching the show.


OMFG>.. my favorite part was the end. When the photographer told the guy he looked yellow.

Then that same guy goes from "benching" 360 to 180... WTF?



This motherfucker is saying that the steroids made him want to kill himself. So he took alot of tylenol.

This dude was obviously emotionally imbalanced before he started taking the steroids.

Also, it is fucking pathetic that this guy has 3 cycles under his belt and looks like he does. He juiced to make his fucking arms go from 14" to 15". I think that was his third cycle too. If I am wrong someone please correct me.

I wish this douche made a commitment and bought a shotgun with a toe attachment and did kill himself


I know... sorry for posting it. :-/


Wow that show made me want to vomit too. First of all not one person did anything other than bicep curls the whole time. The second part about the show was the attitude of the gay guy. I especially liked when he just finished shooting up roids and said he wants to go to the gym to get big.....and then goes out and lights up a cigarette.

It also pissed me off he did not want to put in the hard work to get bigger he just wanted the easy way out and take steroids.


the kick boxer didn't even look muscular at all. the guy that wanted to model never did legs and it showed. it was a waste of time. of course it was all negative.


this was on my myspace blog...so ill post it here about this show.

I just finished watching the episode of true life on steroids. It fucking pissed me off. Let Peter pick apart this shit one by one. Lets start with the guy from boca...hes still fucking gay...but hes alright out of them all. He knows about bodybuilding...he eats big and lifts big and researched shit. Now lets start with the MMA fighter. I'm a fan of MMA myself...but this guy is a fucking disgrace. He's juicing....and hes a scronny piece of shit still. Hes got crazy back acne...he doesnt even lift weights...he doesnt even know about eating alot....he is a fucking skinny asshole. I could lift more than that kid anyday and i dont even fucking juice. Now lets goto the faggot (literally is gay). This kid was the worst of them all....not only was he a pussy about injecting the gear....but hes not even big. When he was talking to those people at the club he said something along the lines of this: "Theres no crazy lifting...I just take a shot and get bigger" . WHAT A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT MORON. GOOD JOB MTV PICKING THE WORST OF ALL STEROID USERS FOR A SHOW THAT WILL INFLUENCE EVERYONES IDEA OF STEROIDS. Now as for these faggots....if only you could read this..you would have some valuable advice. Instead of jumping into AAS(anabolic androgenic steroids) without any real body building training, try living, breathing, and eating weight training. Try eating all day long and lifting heavy and hard for about 10 years...then come talk to people about how you cant gain mass. Try busting your ass first training naturally and making food your only anabolic. Learn everything that has to do with body building and the sport. Learn the science behind how your muscles grow(hypertrophy). Understand and practice the bodybuilding lifestyle and make it the only thing that matters. Now if this doesn't work after 10 or so years...then go about using gear. And by the way...when you do go about using steroids...RESEARCH THEM YOU FUCKING IDIOT. Realize these are serious fucking substances and that do have serious risks even when used correctly. Take some sort of anti-estrogen after your cycle to get your hormone levels back up.....so you dont fuck your body or your mind up. Maybe this way you wont put a gun in your mouth from depression...because you'll be tapered off. Too fuckin bad you cant read this though. And for everyone else...dont get the idea that true steroid users are like this. They can be relatively safe if used correctly...but only after you been training for years on your own.


This show was about as bad as it gets. First of all, the show started out stating that "these guys are taking steroids to make their bodies reach superhuman levels." Superhuman? Bite me. The majority of guys on here are bigger than the heaviest guy on that show who weighed 225 lbs. Then, there are always the females on here who are stronger than that last gay guy. Of course, his hit quote is "I started out with 14 inch arms, and after steroids I now have 16 inch arms."

I'm pretty sure I've never seen three bigger tools in my life. "I feel like a God" said the first guy (who, granted, actually looked like he had lifted before) after going to the gym.

I know for the show "MADE" on MTV they have "life after made" which keeps track of their progress after the show. Someone should look into seeing if they can be contacted, this way, we could call them the pussies they are.

Yeah, chest and biceps... BRO!


I agree;that show was horrible. All three of those guys were idiots.


First of all were did you get the picture of the guy under your name, address, etc??

Secondly, after listening to the "I wanna be on a magazine cover guy" say he got as strong as Zeus and then watch him him curl 115lbs and say that he could never do that before was HYSTERICAL. Albeit I am not the strongest guy posting on this forum but I immediatley called up my buddy and started laughing because I can curl more than he can and I am not taking steroids!

I guess that MtV couldnt really have tons of jacked up guys on the show because than anyone that watched it might actually go out and kill themselves by trying to take injections that they dont know how to take. Besides, that's what the WWE is for! Instead they put these jackass's on the show to maybe show how stupid it is to take steroids.

One final note, that cat had CRAZY BACK ACNE!!!


I'm overseas and can't watch this program so if you could post it that would be really great. Thanks


I just finished watching the replay and that thing sucked. What I particularly the spot where they talked to the parents of the baseball player. The whole he killed himself due to steroid induced depression thing is pissing me off.