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True Insanity


this is a gem - for your consideration:

Steroids blamed in Johnston case
By Nicole Sequino, Berkshire Eagle Staff

Saturday, April 22
NORTHAMPTON ? A forensic psychiatrist for the prosecution testified yesterday that Bryan R. Johnston, a Dalton native accused of shooting his former friend to death, was not suffering from a paranoid delusional disorder but was instead exhibiting symptoms of steroid use.

Dr. Michael Welner, a forensic consultant based in New York City, said he ruled out the possibility that Johnston was mentally ill because his delusions that the Mafia and others wanted to kill him arose after heavy drinking or cocaine use.

Instead, Welner claimed that Johnston displayed the behavior of irritability, irrational thought, agitation, aggressiveness and paranoia from the use of anabolic steroids.


Typical for the prosecution to find a scapegoat.


WAIT? He was juicing, coking, drinking and doing whatever the fuck else he could to cloud his judgement. BUT it was definitely the steroids? Well that makes sense, because nobody every killed anyone else while under the influence of other drugs and alcohol. Yup it must have been the steroids. ROID RAGE! Grrrrr! RRRRAAAA! YELLL!


Ever see the episode of Law & Order SVU? It went something like this -

Teen: I can believe I shot my father in the head

Cop/friend of family: that wasn't you.... it was the steroids

Gimme a break!!!!


Steroids don't shoot people in the head. Guns do.

Oh wait. It was people.

People with guns.

People on steroids with guns to be more specific.


It definately wasn't steroids. It was a creatine and ZMA combo that put him over the edge.