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True Hardgainer vs. Endo-Hardgainer

Is it unlikely that a true hardgainer be a “skinny-fat”?

I’ve never been fat, but I’ve never been lean…

I have managed relatively decent strength for a hardgainer (double bw Squat, etc.), but I’m definitely not an Easy-Hardgainer.

Does that sound more like a True Hardgainer or an Endo-Hardgainer?


It doesn’t sound like that.

What, pray tell, is this?

Was interested to know what category a “skinny-fat” hardgainer would fall under after reading this article.

The article says word for word that an endo hardgainer ranges from skinny-fat.

I was looking at it like different ranges…unsure if this is correct.

Endo-Hardgainer: “He can range from “skinny fat” all the way to overweight”

True Hardgainer: “While he often has a low level of body fat, he looks more skeletal than lean.”

Does that mean that the True-Hardgainer is in the low level of body fat to “skinny-fat” range?

I seem to be right in the middle at skinny fat. Never been grossly overweight in my 40+ years, but have never been much lower than 15% bf. Hover in that 15-20% bf range 99% of the time.

Would that point more towards a true hardgainer or a endo hardgainer would be my question, I guess.

No. Skinny fat person doesn’t look skeletal dude

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I’ll give the Endo-Hardgainer recommendations a shot then and let you know how I make out…