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True Grit


Is an awesome movie. I was skeptical of a re-do of a John Wayne movie, but Wayne played Rooster "silly."

Pretty amazing story, kept much closer to the novel.

Any father with daughters that does not tear up as the girl crosses the river on the horse (you'll know the scene) is a turd undeserving of the privilege of raising a daughter.

If this is not a "Best Picture" I will be surprised.

The girl will undoubtedly earn an Oscar.


I was looking forward to this so I'm glad to hear a good review. I'll probably see it tonight or tomorrow.


Looks awesome, Bridges kicks ass


Two thumbs up. Very good movie, especially if you like westerns.


A good movie? Really? I thought it was mediocre at best. Terrible ending too.

I remember being in the movie and asking myself "Why?" a bunch of times. A lot of stupid parts to the movie IMO. It started out great and progressively got worse.


^ hater.

I loved it.


I will preface my post by saying that movies NEVER do it for me anymore. In fact, I hate movies solely because Hollywood puts out formulaic garbage designed to make money at the box office. The actual quality of the film is a peripheral, if not irrelevant matter.

That said... this was a phenomenal movie. Things I enjoyed:

-blistering dialogue, dripping with wit
-outstanding performances by Bridges and the girl
-the Coen Bros. followed the "less is more" mantra. Didn't try to do too much.
-Picturesque scenery. Made me wish I lived in that day and age.
-Simple plot
-Did not draw from the well of contrived suspense and sentiment.
-Less than 2 hours
-Coen Bros simply did not fuck anything up. A well executed film, made with discriminating editing.


What do canadians know about editing anyway? You just don't understand westerns, maybe if the movie took place in a frozen tundra the you'd get it... Canadians! Pschhh


The Big Lebowski is my favourite movie of all time. I plan to watch this.


Really? I feel like people either completely love or totally hate this movie, and I'm definitely in the later group.

I just don't get what people see in that film...


I consider myself to have a weird sense of humour and this is one of the few movies that makes me laugh uncontrollably.

But yeah it definitely has a cult like following


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Hey! I'm living in Las Vegas right now!
Then again I'm still playing hockey...doh!


Well, yeah. That's like, just your opinion. Man.



I love Walter(John Goodman) in that movie. "Shut the fuck up Donnie!" "This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!"


What is the later group?


Am I the only one who gives a shit about the rules?


Jewbacca have you watched a Serious Man?

Can you explain what the hell the opening scene is about and what it has to do with the rest of that movie?


This was an awesome movie, just saw it a few hours ago.

Jewbacca, you are right that the scene when the girl is riding on the horse with Rooster was amazing. I'm not a father by any means, I'm 21, but I could have easily cried if I wanted to.

And the girl's performance, I don't know her name, was nothing short of amazing. I'm a big fan of hers now and I'll be interested to see what's in store for her in the future.


Railing lines on a Tuesday? This chica knows how to party.