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True Genetic Potential


This is more of an observation, but can anyone real reach the true g potential ? I see posted on a few sites saying people believe they reached ther limit but to me unless you consuming silly amount of calories I.e 15000+ and training 3-4 times a day and not getting any stronger then yes you have reached your true limit. So to me you can't evere really achieve this in a lifetime.

What other people's thoughts?


First the "my legs don't fit in jeans" thread, now a "genetic potential" thread. These forums run like clockwork.


eating a silly amount of calories and training 3-4 times a day really doesnt have much to do with genetic potentital for bodybuilding in my opinion. Dont take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you havent been in the gym very long.


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thanks man, tried to buy shorts from old navy last week and none of them would fit....proud moment for sure lol


Happens when I buy pants. Tight in the legs/ass and loose in the waist. That is a great feeling but frustrating at the same time. My legs are nowhere near yours and I already have this problem, lol.


No one has achieved their genetic potential as they haven't been doing the optimal training programme and eating loads of food since birth.


Eating more and training more will build more muscle. 15000 calories will build more muscle than 5000, very simple.


brb guys switching precontest diet to 15000 calories to maximize my potential in bodybuilding


The body can only build a finite amount of muscle. If 4000 is the cap then 5000 won't build more muscle than 4000. If 5000 is cap. More calories wont build more muscle. It's also not a linear relationship. The closer you get to the maximal amount of muscle syntheis the more fat you accumulate vs muscle gained. So in your scenario maybe 15000 will gain more msucle. You can't be sure of that but I'm gonna bet the amount you have to cut because of that retarded diet will not out weight (pun intended) tiny extra amount of muscle if any


he speaketh the truth.


How many times will this genetics thing come up?


1 on what Ryan said. You can't force feed muscle growth.


Except for the fact that he's doing it all FUCKING WRONG!!! He's supposed to post this in the BSL forum where a weeklong shitstorm will ensue, nothing gets solved, and everybody gets butthurt. Because that's how we roll here.


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On a real note i don't think many people at all hit their genetic maximum because they are unwilling to put the time and effort into it. cue comments from people saying "I wanna take roids cuz I think I peaked my genetic limit after gaining 15 lbs. Most people don't even come semi-close because they don't want to take years to get there. So in short I think all discussion of genetic limits is pretty much moot and useless for 99.5% of the lifting population.


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People who have heart attacks don't tend to build as much muscle as people who don't. #science


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