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I've seen this picture before, but it just dawned on me, I wonder if they have to have the escalators because of the ADA.




Thats one of the funniest things i've ever seen.


ADA requirements do not include escalators.


no, but they do include having viable access to upper levels. Either that or an elevator.


I always use stairs.
It's one of the best "free-training" you can get.
It costs you no time, no money, you automatically do it regularly.

Stairs, always.


ADA or not, I think the main humor of this photo is the 2 apparently able-bodied individuals, who appear to be dressed in attire for the gym, have chosen the escalator over the daunting task of climbing 15 stairs.

Then again, I can't believe I'm replying to another post of this same picture...


Shut up honey.

Now, the thing I wonder ... once they get inside ... are they going to get on the ... stairmaster?

I'm not sure which is more rediculous ... this, or the folks at my gym that drive around jockeying and waiting for premier parking ... all so they can go inside and walk on the treadmill.



Dammit Dan, I told you not to use my pet name on these forums... I don't want anybody starting a "Is Bauer97 gay?" thread... how embarassing


How you rolling a wheelchair on an escalator, when it would be much easier and cheaper to have a ramp?

I think this escalator is just like those people in the picture who are using it - completely worthless at the gym.




And I am replying twice!
Your point is correct, at my gym the handicapped spots are always taken up, I always look and see if I can find the person who might be rehabing, but I never see them. I try not to be judgmental, but then I see a 40yo 120lb woman bouncing out of her aerobics class, then climb into her SUV in the handicapped spot. Always amazes me that she can do an hour of aerobics, but another 20yds in the parking lot, well that might be overtraining!



I bet when the escalator breaks, people start bitching at the front desk.


How the hell are you going to take a wheelchair up an escalator?


Roll on backwards and pop a wheelie.


you got me, but I guess they felt it was a cheaper/easier alternative to an elevator.

they have to provide alternate access to upper levels.

It's not like the people who own the building are like, "gee, let's spend a lot of money for no reason".
But yeah, I think a ramp would be more practical for someone in a wheelchair.


OK, slow day for me at work. A quick search lets me know that this is the point loma location in San Diego. There are several other business in the strip mall, including a chiropractor. 24hr fitness most likely rents the space and the developers probably put in the escalators when the built the property. The gym patrons proably still drive around the parking lot for 20 mins waiting for a space right up front though.

You have to admit, the down escalator would be nice after some heavy squats.


yeah, but then you still have the drive home, and when you have a manual that really sucks, lol