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We all hear about Nationalism rising in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe but its surprising that its happening in North Europe. Interesting.


I don't know enough about Finnish politics to even comment intelligently to be honest, but what interests you about this. Not saying that isn't interesting, but why does it interest you.


From what I can gather from the newspapers that have covered it in the UK it's entirely a response to the bailouts taking place in the EU. Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Belgium on the cards - a lot of European countries resent bailing out countries that have profited due to profligacy and a housing bubble. Added to that the fear of immigration which a lot of governments downplay. Whether it's a sustained or temporary measure remains to be seen. UKIP is getting quite popular in the UK as well and it was pointed out that Le Pen in France is doing rather well as well.


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I dont want to sound like a right wing nutjob but im sympathetic to their cause. The old way isn't working and a new era of progressive thinking is on the way. Still,far left groups insist that their ideology will work but time and time again it fails. Their method of calling out "Racist" or "Nazi" at the group is losing effect everyday and those words have lost all it meaning.


It's a decent article if you are interested. What it fails to mention is that the party is more like an umbrella that has gathered all the tinfoil xenophobics, nationalists and people yearning for simple solutions under one banner. It's entirely dependent of it's leader.


That article obviously uses very loaded/weasel type wording as one would expect. To be objective, I think there's some semi-mystical nationalism about some of the wording of the party's objectives which I would not necessarily support. It's just that a lot of people are dissatisfied with needless immigration, the mentioned bailout thing and related EU issues and such and hope to find some relief. The pool of people who would subscribe to "nationalism and xenophobia" would likely be far higher if the media did not do everything to shame people who doubt the virtues of multiculturalism. In addition, there are masses of people voting and acting in other parties who have doubts but who feel they have to stick to their party because they disagree with some other key issues. I suppose it's not much different from America.

It can also be argued that other Northern European nations either don't have enough immigration to count (Baltics; are still highly homogenous) or/and that their immigration legislation is more strict, as is supposedly the case in 'true' Scandinavia, particularly in Norway, Denmark ("far-right" party third biggest like in Finland) etc.
Sweden's representation may be a bit different but people's opinions are not.


There you have it, two opinions, pick the one that suits you.


As far as I know about the issue about the "sannfinnene" they are not the typical populist party.
In my country( norway ) our populist party is rightwing in economical issues and pro-EU, the thing
they share with "sverigedemocratene" and "sannfinnene" is the anti-immigration policy. Both the finnish and
the swedish populist partys are more leftist in economical questions and they are against EU. As far as
I know the swedish party are closest to neo-nazism. For my part I think its sad that we in my country are moving towards a two block system of markedliberalist and pseudo-racists on the right and the technocrats on the left. The true left are getting to closer to the grave election by election.