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True Blood on HBO


Does ANYONE watch this awesome show Sunday night's on HBO?


i did! i was going to post the same thing lol. when i saw the silhouette of the thing that scratched sookie i was freaking out. loved it.


ya cuts were really deep. when the lady when sticking her fingers in them i started cringing pretty bad. i really love how this season is turning, looks like they might actually be living up the the hype.. the only character i dont really like is the witch lady. the one thats taking care of tara.


we have to see that bull/human creature eventually but a part of me wants to keep its face hidden, might ruin the fear that mystery brings. but with great shows come the potential to instill fear with more than just scary makeup. what do u think?


I didn't read the spoiler.

I just got HBO about a week ago. And I saw the trailer for it and it looks AWESOME.

I gotta see the first season first I guess???

(i only got HBO for entourage too lol)


I loved the first season and couldn't wait for the 2nd...But I haven't watched a single episode yet! ...Good thing every series imaginable is available online.


I got the first season on DVD. I just hate I will be a year behind from here on out because I don't watch much tv and I don't have HBO.

I was very surprised at how well it was written...and just the fact that it didn't SUCK.


I watched the 1st season...too soap opery for me. HORRIBLE acting and HORRIBLE fake accents. Although anna paquin unleashing the paqtwins was nice.


Two accents are off....Tara's (although her overall acting is decent) and the Cajun guy who turns out to not be Cajun which makes his off accent actually work into the story.


hbo is a great investment..comsidering you have on demand

true blood
hung-saw the pilot and it could be good
curb your enthusiasm, new season in the fall
bored to death-coming in fall- anything with zach galinfinakis is usually solid
since George Carlin past away (*edit-died) theyve been playing his stand ups a lot(fucking baller)

available on demand
-band of brothers
-the wire- havent seen it but hear good things
-generation kill- havent seen it either but has an 8.9 on imdb


I agree on the point of on demand being critical. I have been watching generation kill on demand after watching it all last summer. Highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet.


Pretty good. Ain't no Buffy though... :wink:


The Wire is like a book. That is how in depth they were. It is not for people with extremely short attention spans. I am surprised a show like that was ever even made. They focused on a different aspect of the crime world each season.


I'm watching the show... and it's decent, but a lot of the shit in there is completely unnecessary. It's crazy how bad they're fucking up the story. Lafayette was supposed to be the person dead in the car, not that old lady. She never even existed in the books.

And really, Tara is hardly ever mentioned in the books. Same with Jason Stackhouse - really not much anything in the books from him, except his suspected murders in the first book. He never takes V, gets involved with the church, etc.

::::: SPOILERS, KIND OF :::::

Marianne, the character, doesn't actually exist in the book, sort of. Sookie does encounter a Maenad, a Greek 'monster' that thrives off of alcohol consumption and social delights of others. I don't know if the bull is supposed to be her, or what, but... it's strange.

::::: END SPOILERS :::::

Anyway, if the show does actually stick fairly closely to the story, which it might, things will be VERY interesting this season, just wait.


Well I never read the books so I have nothing to compare it to but I think the writing, the characters and the suspense they build in week to week is just great. One of my favorite shows now for sure.


I get the feeling this is one show where reading the books beforehand can keep you from enjoying the show.

I doubt I will be picking up any Sookie Stackhouse books.

I also doubt you would either if your girl didn't.


True Blood is really good, I have watched the first season and have this seasons episodes downloaded ready to go. Just want to get my wife to watch the first season so we can watch the second season together.

The wire is possibly the best TV series I have ever seen. Downloaded it on recommendation of someone on this site!


I've seen that show several times and thought it was pretty good. I'm just not a big fan of this vampire craze as of the last year or so.


The first 3 episodes will all be shown on Sunday night, July 5th, and episode #4 will on July 12th. I love this show.


Great show. Hot women, vampires, shapeshifters, maenids, and minotaurs. Plus there's tits in nearly every episode just in case you get bored.


^ Are there any dicks for rockscar? ;0