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True Blood is Back


:[ Watching first episode of the new season now. Who else likes this show? >:[


The show has jumped the shark.

This first episode was horrible and it now feels like a soap opera for geeks.


1st & 3rd season were really good, 2nd was ok.

Looking forward to season 4


I'll still watch though - crap else is on Sunday night.


I like the show, I'm interested to see where they go with it.


I love this show! I don't care what anyone says. I just don't fucking care.



I love me some trueblood. DVRed last nights epi and I'm going to watch it tonight.

"When they mix the sexuality and the violence, I like it." lol


Gonna have to watch it online now. I've enjoyed all the seasons so far. I hear you can watch them on sidereel.


True Blood is a gay guys nightmare


I'm sorry, but I just can't get into a show with the main character named Sookie.


Why the heck is Tara suddenly gay? What is up with that? Did she have to be such a stereotype that if you are a cage fighter woman you must be gay?

ALSO for anyone who follows the books. Well, I guess they have jumped the shark and will not be back.


Don't know about the whole "lesbian thing". I can't say that I see it being completely out of character for Tara though. Seems like something that she COULD do. She might be scared away from sex/intimacy with men after her ordeal with that last vampire (Franklin? don't remember).

As far as following the books, it's too early to say that they're not following them (loosely at least).
The whole fourth book was centered around witches and the werewolf groups in the nearby town, if I remember right (it's been months since I read them).


I love True blood & will continue watching, but that whole fairyland bullshit was like a straight up episode of Hercules or Xena.


1st episode SUCKED!!


2nd ep redeemed it I think, and yes 2nd one is available online since HBO aired it with a few cable providers showing it.


I loled


Well so far so shit, but as Lou said... nothing better to do. Hopefully it'll get better.


First episode was terrible. The more different creatures they introduce, the worse it gets. It's just hokey now.

I did enjoy the vanilla/chocolate swirl scene though. At this point, this is all the show is, soft-core porn with violence and blood.


Wait - were you actually enjoying the plot.

My goodness man, I tune in for the tits.


Next month Breaking Bad starts back up and airs on Sunday. If you haven't watched it, it's amazing.